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9 Signs That Reveal Any Woman’s Real Age

It’s not only wrinkles, gray hair, hands, and necks that reveal a person’s true age. There are many other signs of aging that are not noticeable at first glance. And it’s these obscure attributes that treacherously add more years to the representatives of the beautiful half of the planet.

We at Bright Side are sure that changes during aging don’t ruin a woman but they give her a special charm and allure. Still, knowing about these changes can be helpful, which is why we collected a list of subtle, yet very demonstrative, signs that will reveal the true age of the most avid beauty salon visitors.

1. The forehead becomes flat.

We all could probably hardly imagine that age-related atrophy of the subcutaneous fat layer is the reason for the loss of volume in this part of the body. By the way, the Botox injections that so many people love only worsen this situation. Even if the forehead remains smooth, it will lose its volume and reveal a woman’s true age.

2. Lips lose their volume and moisture.

Unfortunately, the shape of your lips changes over the years. They lose their volume, become drier, and get so-called purse-string wrinkles around them. Lips that used to be juicy, plump, and sensual become visually smaller and thinner.

3. The shape and size of the belly button change too.

This part of the body can change its original look with age due to extra weight, illnesses like omphalocele, piercings, and pregnancies.

4. Dark circles appear under the eyes.

The subcutaneous fat layer becomes thinner due to low collagen production after the age of 30. The skin around the eyes loses its density, it becomes more transparent and starts to show blood vessels, which then leads to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

5. The earlobes stretch and increase in size.

The earlobes are also an age indicator, just like the hands and the neck. As surprising as it is, women care about them much less than about other parts of the body. Unfortunately, earlobes also lose their thin fat layer and elasticity. As a result, they get stretched out and the love for big and heavy earrings worsens the situation.

6. The brow ridges are lowered, the look becomes less open.

When we are young, good skin tension holds our eyebrows in place and doesn’t allow them to “slide” down. But with age, the collagen that sustains the elasticity and firmness of our skin is no longer produced as actively, and the facial muscles weaken and sag because of gravity. As a result, our brows gradually move down, being pressed by those muscles, and start to hang over our eyes, which gives our face a grumpy look.

7. The “triangle of youth” gets inverted with its base down.

When we are young, the shape of our face is reminiscent of a triangle with the apex directed downward and the base along the forehead. It’s the so-called “triangle of youth.” But the situation changes with age — it turns upside down with its base down.

The subcutaneous fat layer “slides” down the face over the years, the cheeks lose their former elasticity, and we get nasolabial folds. As a result, we no longer look as young as we did before.

8. The complexion fades and the skin loses its luster.

It’s impossible to not notice that the complexion loses its healthy and glowing look, and becomes duller with age. The main reason is the decreased synthesis of collagen and elastin. Also, insufficient or improper care, lack of sleep, fatigue, an unhealthy diet, and bad habits contribute to this process too.

9. The eyes and mouth corners move down.

The drooping corners of the lips and eyes give the face a slightly tired look. This is especially relevant for those who don’t smile often — their facial muscles that support the corners of the mouth weaken much faster. The skin around our eyes also loses its elasticity and tone over the years, weak tendons and muscles in this area can no longer “hold” the corners of the eyes like they used to.

How old do you feel? Is there a big difference between this digit and the digit on your passport?

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