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Why Indian Women Sleep With Braids and How It Can Transform Your Hair

Indian women have long, shiny, and irresistibly beautiful hair, and caring for it is deeply embedded in the Indian culture. There are many beauty secrets Indian mothers and grandmothers have been passing down through the generations, and one of them is braiding your hair every night before you go to bed.
It is believed in Indian culture that when women sleep with loose hair, they are more exposed to negative energies. In reality, braiding your hair before sleep can help it look more shiny and voluminous, and even prevent flyaways.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t wait to find out the secrets behind the gorgeous hair of Indian women. From breakage to hair growth, keep reading for all the ways sleeping with braids can get you the hair of your dreams.

1. It helps to prevent split ends.

Cutting a few inches off your hair will temporarily help you with split ends, but if you don’t make any changes to your hair care routine, the annoying strands of damaged hair will appear again. Split ends happen when you use harsh chemical products or blow-dry your strands too often, and the way you sleep can also affect the health and beauty of your hair.

As you toss and turn in your sleep, your hair creates friction against your pillowcase, which eventually causes it to break off. Keeping your hair in braids reduces the friction, protecting your locks against damage.

2. You hair will look more glossy.

Your hair needs moisture to look its best, and it comes as no surprise that many hair care products promise to moisturize and rehydrate your strands. There are many reasons why your hair can’t retain moisture, in fact, it can even get slightly dehydrated overnight. Braiding your hair before you go to sleep helps to lock in much-needed moisture as the overlapping structure of braids keeps the hydration in your hair.

3. It makes it easier to detangle your hair.

When you regularly braid your hair before sleep, it helps to avoid annoying tangles in the morning. Besides saving you the time you spend untangling knotted hair, braiding ensures you lose less hair when you brush it.

4. It’s a natural way to de-frizz your hair.

Anti-frizz products can help you temporarily tame those frustrating flyaways, but they are loaded with chemicals, and can even cause acne breakouts. Braiding your hair before you hit the hay is an easy and affordable way to keep frizz at bay. Because frizzy hair occurs when it lacks moisture, keeping it in braids helps to avoid dehydration and makes your hair naturally sleek.

5. It may help your hair grow faster.

When your strands are damaged, they don’t look or feel great, and the damage can even affect your hair’s growth. When the length of hair becomes weak and brittle, it might break off, keeping you from getting the hair of your dreams. In addition to de-frizzing your hair, braiding it can help you avoid heat-styling and using chemicals, which in turn will cause it to grow stronger.

6. It saves you time in the morning.

If you’re not an early bird, braiding your hair in the evening can give you extra time for much-needed sleep in the morning. Spending just a few minutes braiding your hair at night is an easy fix for healthy and effortlessly wavy hair the next morning.

Have you ever tried sleeping with braids? Do you know of any other secrets Indian women use to care for their hair?

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