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What Can Happen to Your Body When You Laugh More


Once we laugh, we instantly start to feel different, and in a weird way, as our face and muscles start contracting, it’s like something spikes inside our mind. These are all signs that the body is starting to receive health benefits — even more than you might realize.

We at Bright Side always want to make people laugh, it seems like the best thing in the world! So we got curious and found out why we should be laughing even more.

1. You will start to burn more calories.

You can’t expect to laugh off your burger, in fact, you will need to laugh for 15 minutes to burn the calories you got from eating 2 Hershey’s Kisses. Every activity and calorie counts, and laughter will help you lose more weight, maybe it will even help you reach your goal faster.

Laughter activates many different organs. One of those organs is your muscles — they start to relax. Plus, while you laugh the abdomen muscles start to expand and contract, which is very similar to when you are exercising and your stomach starts to feel sore afterward.

2. You get instant stress relief.

A hard laugh will relieve your stress instantly. In the process, your heart rate will also spike and then go down. The result... well you will feel relaxed and your stress levels will be lower. Laughter releases the feel-good chemicals that are responsible for our good moods. This means that after a good laugh you will feel good overall.

3. Your blood pressure might decrease.

Having a good laugh can help your blood vessels and increase blood flow. This can protect you against heart problems and heart attacks. In addition, research has shown that, in some people, laughter can lower blood pressure.

4. You will breathe better.

We know that oxygen is very important for our bodies to work properly. Deep breaths can give us a good amount of oxygen, and one interesting way to do this is through laughter. When we laugh our lungs open up and we can take longer breaths to provide our blood with the oxygen it needs.

5. You will be able to deal with pain easier.

If you are in pain or feel uncomfortable, try to laugh it out. Laughter releases the body’s natural painkillers and we might feel a lot better afterward. Here the feel-good chemical plays an important role because it helps you to cope with not only the mental but the physical pain too.

What makes you laugh the most? How many times per day do you laugh? Come on, tell us a joke so that we all can have a good laugh!

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