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What Could Happen to Your Body if You Stop Eating Fat

When we begin a diet, often the first thing we want to eliminate is fat. While it is true that bad fat can make you gain weight, there’s also a healthy fat that is essential for your body. Cutting back on fat completely can affect your physical and mental health, and may sabotage your efforts to achieve your dream body.

We at Bright Side believe that your diet should be diverse, and we decided to find out why giving up fat may do more harm than good.

1. You might feel hungrier.

When you cut fat, you may notice that you’re not as full after meals. Dietary fat is an essential nutrient we need in our diet, just in moderation. And if you don’t consume enough of a certain trace element, you are more likely to end up looking for calories elsewhere.

2. Your memory may worsen.

If you eliminate fats completely, you might notice you’re not as alert as usual. Good fats improve brain health, and it’s been proven that a Mediterranean diet that includes healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and fish, can help boost your memory. Consuming enough good fat is also associated with a lower risk of dementia.

3. You may put your heart at risk.

There are several benefits for your heart to eating healthy fats. A Mediterranean diet, that is rich in good fats, can lower your risk for a heart attack. People who eat more than half a tablespoon of olive oil each day have a 15% lower chance of having any kind of heart disease, according to a study.

4. You may gain weight.

When you follow a low-fat diet, you are keeping your body from burning fat. Certain healthy fats, such as fats in almonds may improve your metabolism, according to a study.

5. It will be harder to build muscle.

Eating good fats and exercising regularly can help you build muscle. Fat can also increase the protein concentration in your body which, in turn, will help your body recover more quickly after an intense workout.

6. Your immune system may weaken.

Fatty acids are essential for protecting the immune system. In addition, many vitamins absorb better when consumed with fats. If you’ll eliminate good fats from your diet, you may be keeping your body from getting enough vitamins.

Do you follow a low-fat diet? Have you noticed how it affects you?

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