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5 Things People Say That Are Extremely Annoying

Psychologists believe that one’s first impression of another is formed within the first several seconds of meeting. And it doesn’t change much down the road. But sometimes, as much as people may communicate, work with, are friends with or even in relationships with someone — eventually, they’ll want to minimize the time they spend together. It’s possible that one of them uses specific phrases in their speech that make other people not want to talk with them anymore.

We at Bright Side decided to talk about different phrases that make relationships toxic.

1. “I don’t mean to offend you, but...”

The desire to strengthen your own self-esteem at the cost of other people is not the best way to communicate. If you feel that there’s a person doing this to you, make sure you defend yourself: find arguments to support your position but don’t be negative.

2. “And you know what happened to me?”

Highlighting differences is a bad way to communicate. When talking to people (it doesn’t matter if you’ve just met them or if you’ve known them for a while), it’s better to highlight the things that unite you. For example, if your friend is telling you about something that’s important to them and you don’t think that it’s interesting, don’t try to bring attention to yourself by saying something like, “Whatever. Do you know what happened to me?” This phrase devalues the experience and emotion of the other person. There are other polite ways to tell someone you’d like to change the topic of conversation.

3. “I’d never buy something like this.”

Being categorical is a great way to lose friends. When parents don’t let their children do something, it may be okay (but not always). But when people act like they’re better than or above what the other person is talking about, it’s a sign of supremacy and arrogance. This behavior can be very repulsive.

4. “I know what’s best for you.”

One of the most dangerous manipulations is when people try to make something look like it comes from a place of care and love. Such people make a good impression because they look like they want us to be okay. But in fact, they’re just dumping a bunch of fears and problems on us.

5. “I told you!” or “I knew it!”

It’s never fun to talk to people that act as if they’re smarter and better than you. Being a know-it-all is not the best strategy for building strong, long-term relationships.

Have you ever met people that use these phrases? How do you respond to them?

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