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How the Positive Impact of Compliments Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life

People may be hesitant about giving others compliments as they may think their words don’t have much value. However, research shows that it is not true. Giving compliments to others, as well as receiving them yourself, can affect you more than you might have thought.

Bright Side read research about the impact of compliments and would like to share the main points with you. After reading this article, you will want to compliment someone to make their day infinitely better.

1. Compliments are like food for a good mood.

Just like we need to eat food every day, people also feel the desire to receive compliments on a daily basis. Some research showed that people who got complimented every day for a week felt as good hearing the nice words as they did on the first day. They did not feel like the compliments were forced or that their impact lessened just because they heard them often, as opposed to what people who participated in the experiment expected to happen.

2. Praising employees is an effective way to make them feel good.

Of course, salary is a big reason why we go to work, but a lot of people care for their job on a more personal level as their work is a reflection of their skills and abilities. That’s why getting complimented in a work environment is a big way to relieve an employee’s stress and make them feel seen, appreciated, and acknowledged. Neuroscientists have come to the conclusion that not letting someone’s achievements go unnoticed brings the same amount of joy as getting a salary. So to keep your employees motivated until the next paycheck, don’t forget to compliment them!

3. Appropriate compliments actually don’t make people feel uncomfortable.

Without a doubt, there are things people try to pass off as compliments that are actually not appropriate to say at all and end up making the recipient feel uncomfortable. But genuine compliments do not have that impact. People assume that somebody they don’t know well will not care about getting complimented and may feel discomfort when, in reality, recipients end up feeling good and their day brightens way more than anticipated.

4. Compliments can increase persistence.

Picking up a new skill is undoubtedly hard because you will be faced with many challenges and failures. These things can easily bring anyone down and make them feel like it’s better to give up than to keep failing, often blaming it on a lack of talent. Compliments are a great motivator for people to keep going — they are kind of a cure for feeling discouraged. It’s great to acknowledge small wins, and the recipient will appreciate it a lot more than you know.

5. Giving compliments can feel even better than receiving them.

Feeling good after giving a compliment is the equivalent of feeling good after donating to charity. You created a positive interaction with the person you gave the compliment to, which can lead to their mood improving and them thinking more favorably of you. It’s no secret that doing kind things for others helps you also feel good about yourself.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever been given? Have you ever struggled to accept compliments?

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