The Way You Text Can Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

Texting is completely different from a formal letter and it gives us all the opportunity to express our true selves. There are no written rules on how you should text and this is why the way you write messages can indicate what kind of person you are.

We at Bright Side figured out different types of messages and what they could mean for you, and now we are glad we can share them with you.

You like writing long texts.

For you, writing long paragraphs is important because you can put your feelings and thoughts into it. You are a sensitive and thoughtful person and you see words as a meaningful and powerful tool. Your friends know that you are kind and compassionate, and they are sure that you will always be there to give them good advice or to just listen to them.

You text using short sentences.

Your friends know you as the one who texts short messages like, “ok,” “no,” and “yes.” Even if people might see this type of response as emotionless, you stand behind your texts. They are straightforward just like you are. You don’t twist things to make them look better and you are open and honest, which is a unique quality. You simply don’t play with your words and to everyone who asks for your advice or your opinion, you always tell the truth.

You like using emojis.

To put it simply, you are probably obsessed with emojis and if you could, you wouldn’t use words at all. This is because emojis are more expressive. Well, just like these cute symbols, you are overflowing with emotions. You don’t think twice before telling people how you feel. Even if you are stressed, excited, mad, or sad, everyone around you will see it.

You are too careful when texting.

It seems like you can’t help it but end your sentences with a “lol” or a “haha.” You do this because you are not sure how the person you are texting will read and receive your text. You are not a big fan of conflicts and you don’t want to look rude, so these types of phrases seem necessary. You like to please people and you want to make everyone around you happy. This is actually an amazing trait, but you need to know your boundaries and sometimes you need to be more honest and upfront, and not hide behind the “haha’s.”

You are too busy to answer texts.

You are too busy to answer your texts, and even if you manage to do so, you are probably already too late and even your friends are starting to complain about it. This means you are a busy person and you have way too many things on your plate. Your style of texting is just another indicator that you should slow down and concentrate on one thing at a time. Still, you try to find a way and some time to respond to your texts as soon as possible, especially if you have something to gain from the topic.

You text over and over again.

You like to double, and even triple text people, even if you don’t get a message back for hours. This means that you are brave and bold, and you always go after what you like. What makes you special is that you are assertive and not afraid to take control of your life. However, these personalities can sometimes be mistaken as impatient, and that is why it’s important to remember this before you send your text.

How do you text? Do you tend to use too many emojis? Maybe you like to write long and novel-like texts?

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