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30+ Quirks From People in Relationships That Raise Only One Question, “Why?”

We sincerely love our close family and friends, not just for their good qualities but also for their little quirks. All because our life would be so boring without their dashing habits. Toothpaste that always lacks a top, lost socks that end up on the feet of your better half, vegetable peels in the sink — all these small niceties make our life brighter every day.

We at Bright Side think that unique habits only make a person sweeter and we want to show you how couples are the best at stirring up emotions in each other.

“The way my wife hangs up the garden hose in the garage”

“The way my boyfriend puts mugs away after washing”

“My husband changed the burned-out bathroom light bulbs.”

“My wife ate every single marshmallow in a family-sized box of Count Chocula. EVERY SINGLE ONE.”

When you’re old school:

“The way my boyfriend wears socks around the house.”

“The way my husband hung his new shirt after I told him not to leave it in the living room.”

“My wife likes to dry some of our utensils in the oven, we also don’t always check the oven before turning it on.”

“Who eats a pie like this?!?!? Apparently, my wife does.”

“My boyfriend first puts a teabag into milk and then adds hot water.”

“The way my husband (top) folds his shirts is infuriating. My neatly folded shirt is the bottom one for reference.”

“My wife hangs her hoodies inside out.”

“This is how my boyfriend and I ate our pies. He didn’t take his out of the box.”

“I love my wife, but after custom-designing and building our dream kitchen, her manner of storing products drives me crazy.”

“I hate my boyfriend.”

“My boyfriend eats cheese without anything while driving.”

“The way my wife decided to reseal the coffee.”

“My boyfriend made quesadillas and put the maker back without cleaning it. Now there is dried cheese all over it. Help!”

“The way my wife peeled these apples. The garbage disposal is on the right side of the sink.”

“This is how my husband eats ice cream.”

Annoying habit

“I hate when my husband opens the non-resealable side of the tortillas and puts them in the refrigerator to harden.”

“How my wife loads the dishwasher”

“Why, husband, ...just ...why?”

“How my wife cuts a pizza”

“How my husband doesn’t throw away the empty tissue box and throws a new one on top”

“My wife has never once closed the microwave door after using it.”

“My wife thought my favorite iron griddle got too dirty and tried cleaning it with a sharp metal scraper.”

“How my wife scoops an avocado”

“My wife ate half my chocolate croissant but I didn’t know until I opened it up for lunch.”

What sweet quirks of your other half drive you crazy?

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