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Handsome Guys Have Been Replaced by Himbos — Simple and Kind Fellows Who’ve Become the Perfect Men for Modern Women

Simple guys with Apollo’s appearance have continued to conquer the hearts of women all over the world. There is even a special term for them — himbo that consists of him and bimbo. This type of man is literally at the peak of their popularity in 2020. We are sure if you met someone like this, you’d be knocked off your feet too.

Bright Side editorial learned who these men are, what kind of life they have, and what they do to win our hearts. At the end, there is a bonus test that will help you figure out whether your man can be called a himbo too.

What qualities himbos have

Imagine an attractive man who regularly goes to the gym but who isn’t necessarily known for his intellectual achievements. He could be an accountant, a lawyer, or a doctor who is not shooting for the stars and who is totally satisfied with the lifestyle he has.

This person will never poisonously taunt others, judge people, or talk about them behind their backs, that’s why he is adored by everyone and is always invited somewhere. He is a welcome guest in any home.

If this man has a beloved woman, he will be faithful to her. He won’t look around searching for better options, and he won’t try to start affairs or even flirt with her friends. The woman who is with him will feel a lot of support beside him, while their relationship will resemble a partnership with equality and mutual respect.

Or maybe you can try to imagine a golden retriever turning into a human. That’s what a himbo is — a hot attractive man with an outstanding sense of humor and a kind heart.

Why intellect has faded into the background

One of the reasons is the growing movement of feminism. A modern woman is self-sufficient and can provide for herself and her children. Many females no longer want to live off their husbands — they opt for partnership relationships.

In the past, women used to appreciate smart men because having a developed intellect meant there was a higher possibility for good earnings. Today’s women don’t need that anymore. They work by themselves and they don’t need a wallet next to them, but instead a friend they can always rely on.

There is nothing pleasant in coming home tired from work to a husband who is complaining that no one understands him. Cynical men like Sherlock Holmes, who lament that no one can fully appreciate their sophisticated mind and smartness, have already become a thing of the past.

The advantages himbos have in comparison with other men

If you were walking along a narrow path and there was a stranger following you, would you be scared? If it’s a himbo, you won’t be frightened at all. This is one of the main advantages — a himbo will not bring harm to a weaker person and is not capable of being mean. He is not a handsome devil who enjoys his victories over women’s hearts, but just a kind guy with big muscles — the embodiment of harmless masculinity.

When it comes to having a relationship with this person, you can be sure that he has no hidden motives. If something is worrying him, he talks about it directly.

But you shouldn’t consider a himbo a silly man. He is just a positive man who is not interested in intellectual rivalry with anyone. And, by the way, it’s these guys who will be the first to notice that you’ve changed your hair color or that you are carrying heavy bags and need help.

Bonus: How to check your man

Do you have any himbos in your life?

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