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8 Pieces of Workout Equipment That Will Shape Your Body and Save You Space

With all the variety of exercise machines and equipment that modern designers create, it has never been easier to turn your house into a gym. However, the lack of storage space can discourage many of us from enjoying home workouts to the fullest. Luckily, Amazon sellers know how much we value our home space, and they are offering many effective yet compact pieces of exercising equipment that are just perfect for using at home.

We at Bright Side are sure that with these 8 pieces of workout equipment from Amazon, you can turn your house into a professional gym without sacrificing your precious space.

1. Weighted hula hoop with rubber heads that will provide a soft belly massage while you are rotating this ring.

Thanks to massaging effect, this hula hoop can help you burn fat faster. Unlike some traditional rings, it will not fall down, which makes it a perfect workout equipment item for beginners. Using a weighted hula hoop can be especially useful for training the postpartum body or when your physical fitness level is low.

How to use it:

  • The ring consists of detachable parts that are easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Attach the knots
  • Put on the weight ball
  • Close the magnet lock
  • The ring is ready to use
  • You can attach a different number of knots depending on your waist circumference.

Promising review: This is a great way to burn a few calories. The first session was mainly trying to figure out the movement, but the second evening I picked it up and was straight at it. The product itself is really easy to put together and take apart. I’m a size 22, and it’s plenty big enough, and I have 4 spare sections which could be added if need be. @Lizzie

Buy the weighted hula hoop ring HERE

2. Set of resistance bands that will help you strengthen the muscles of your whole body while occupying almost no space in your house.

The bands retain their elasticity and shape thanks to the high-quality materials they are made of. The bands come in 3 different grades (light, medium, and heavy) so that you could customize your workout depending on your needs.

Promising review: These bands are great for working important muscles that a lot of people forget about. There are 3 bands of different strengths, so you can choose to suit the exercises you are doing.
A 10-minute workout video link is provided that anyone can follow and manage to fit into your normal day. They are also great for assisted stretching. Everyone interested in keeping fit or becoming more flexible should have some of these at home, as they take up no space at all. A great buy and well worth the full 5 stars. Fast delivery and friendly service too! Thank you. @Scooby

Buy the set of resistance bands HERE

3. Neoprene dumbbells for home workouts that come in a variety of colors and weights.

These dumbbells are coated with thick colorful neoprene for excellent grip and aesthetics. They won’t roll away on your floor and can be stored stacked over each other to save your space thanks to their hexagon shape.

Promising review: Great weights. Comfortable to grip, not too big to use when working out. I’ve used my husband’s weights before now which are metal, big, bulky, and not easy to grip. These are great to use for women in my opinion! @Kerri Astley

Buy the neoprene dumbbells HERE

4. Twist & Shape exercise machine for core, abs, and leg training that can help you get in shape while having some fun.

With just one exercise machine you can tone, slim, tighten and strengthen your waist, legs, glutes, thighs, and core while watching TV. The design of the machine makes it safe and efficient for users of different body shapes and fitness levels.

How to use it:

  • Assemble the machine and read the instructions.
  • Step onto the machine and start losing calories while twisting your body.
  • You can twist and step up, twist and squat, twist and dip and do a lot of other fun and effective workout activities.

Promising review: This fantastic piece of equipment only took me half an hour to put together. All the instructions were in English, and all parts and fittings are very clearly numbered and diagrammed in the manual. It even comes with the battery supplied for the monitor. I was twisting away as soon as I set it up. Super easy to use, and comes with an exercise chart and a one-week diet chart too with a workout CD. It is as easy to use as you see it on TV. I haven’t used any keep fit equipment since I was 18 years old. I am now 48, and this twist and shape has awakened my enthusiasm to step on and work out for 30 mins a time, or 10 mins each time I walk into the room. It’s really fun to use! @PearlGirl

Buy the Twist & Shape exercise machine HERE

5. 6-in-1 wheel roller that comes together with a knee pad, resistance bands, and push up bars for super efficient home workouts.

Workouts done with the help of this roller targets various muscles including abs, hips, shoulders, and back. Made of strong and durable materials, the roller is safe, and it works silently, without any damage to your floors.

How to use it:

  • Use the wheel roller to train your abdominal muscles
  • Use the bars for push-ups
  • Use the resistance bands to make your workouts more efficient

Promising review: Excellent product. Easy to assemble. The wheels are smooth and roll easily. It’s easier to use it in a vinyl or laminate floor rather than carpet. Seems like a good exercise device for a great price. Very safe to use. It is lightweight but very sturdy. The knee pad is a bonus but only necessary for hard floors. @Rose

Buy the 6-in-1 wheel roller HERE

6. Aerobic step with adjustable height that will become higher as you progress with your training.

This step can turn your house into a professional gym in the blink of an eye. It comes with extra steps that can help you make the step higher as you progress. Its textured surface is non-slip and shock absorbing, which will make your workouts even more productive and enjoyable.

Promising review: Gym classes were cancelled, so I decided to buy my own step. Easy to assemble and add sections to increase height. When it’s at its lowest, all the extra step sections fit inside neatly for storage. When you add a section to increase the height, the two spare sections then do not seem to fit inside, but that could just be me! It is just as stable as the steps I use in the gym. I intend to do body pump exercises using the step to lie on, and it is just long enough for me to lie down with my head supported, which is obviously very important (I am 5’6″). So overall a good step at a good price. Delivery was prompt and it was well-packed. @Lloyd

Buy the aerobic step HERE

7. Fitness circle for toning inner and outer thighs, core, arms, and other muscles and improving your flexibility and posture.

The size of this circle makes it a perfect piece of workout equipment to take with you wherever you may go. Padded non-slip handles make workouts comfortable and allow you to use the circle in a variety of ways to meet your exercising needs.

Promising review: Had no idea what I was getting into, but this exceeded my expectations! I practice intermediate/advanced Pilates several times a week and this ring has been such a nice addition. Really elevates your connection with your core/center line. There are a few stretches I can do with the ring that I was unable to do unassisted previously, which you can really feel a deep stretch and strengthen. Worth every penny! @Jessica Dillender

Buy the fitness circle HERE

8. Resistance bands with handles, door anchor, ankle straps, and carry bag designed for your ultimate exercising comfort.

When buying this item, you will receive a full set of everything you need to tone your whole body right at home. A workout poster that is included in the set will offer you a great variety of exercise routines you can try out using this training equipment.

Promising review: I’m that person that gets a gym membership, uses it for a month and then slowly stops going — BUT CARRIES ON PAYING! In a nutshell .... It’s great. It’s having your own cable machine at home (kind of). It’s durable, plenty of combinations for ‘weight’, ankle straps, etc. I can do it in the comfort of my own home. No judgement. No excuses. So far I’m really enjoying getting back into fitness. As an amateur to fitness, I highly recommend it — especially for this price! @AA

Buy the resistance bands with handles HERE

Do you enjoy home workouts? Which exercise routines are your favorite and why?

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