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Give Your Sponges a Rest After the Dirty Work With This Holder From Amazon

Americans spend more than 4 years of their lives in the kitchen, or more than 400 hours a year. This is a lot! But why not turn this time into a fun pastime? Daily chores will no longer be boring if you jazz up your kitchen with creative accessories. And who wouldn’t welcome a cute sponge just like Sponge Bob with his bed into their home?

Make sure to look for the bonus adorable kitchenware at the end of this article. We bet you’ll wanna buy them all.

After a long day of work, who says your sponge can’t relax in a tiny bed? Lay your sponge in its bed and give it a good night’s sleep once the dishes are shiny and clean. It has two cushions for a tight tuck that fits all common sponge sizes.

Don’t let your sponge journey all over the kitchen surface and spread water and bacteria. Set it in a specific place next to the sink so you can take it out and put it down without a problem.

What are the benefits of this sponge holder?

  • Don’t worry about gathering drips of water; this sponge holder is carefully designed to drain the water and air-dry the sponge while it rests.
  • This sponge holder is constructed of thick, sturdy plastic, so you can hand wash it or just throw it in the dishwasher to clean.
  • It is a wonderful gift since it is so adorable and hilarious. It is undoubtedly suitable as a housewarming, birthday, or Christmas present.

Check out these happy buyers’ reviews:

  • I bought this for a joke in our house as it was so cute and made us all smile, but it’s actually very useful and does the job of drying our sponges whilst looking adorable at the same time haha. Great kitchen item. @AV
  • Fun and useful! I got this as a stocking stuffer gift, mostly expecting to get a laugh (it did!). It’s actually super useful, easy to clean, and feels much more sanitary than leaving damp sponges to sit on the counter. We use Scotch Brite sponges which *mostly* fit, but they hang over the edge of the bed by 1 mm or so. I’m sure we could find smaller sponges that fit perfectly, but honestly, it’s not that big of a deal-we still get the “bed” look.
    The holder itself has a removable grid that lifts the sponge while it rests, which makes it super easy to clean and also prevents the sponge from just sitting in moisture every day.
    I love this holder, and I think it’s so much more fun than a regular sponge holder-it definitely gets a chuckle out of our guests! @M M
  • My sponge can rest easy...and clean! It is super cute and functional. This sponge holder prevents that dreaded “dirty sponge” smell by elevating the sponge off of the surface of the holder with a small grate. That dirty sponge smell means bacteria, so I’m all for something that helps keep my kitchen and dishes as well as my family more healthy! Plus it looks like a tiny bed complete with pillows... How cute is that!?! I LOVE IT!! @heather mckeon

Buy the sponge holder on Amazon HERE

Bonus: Add even more whimsy and playfulness to every nook and cranny of your kitchen with these quirky kitchen accessories.

1. Feel like a hardworking tinker fairy in the kitchen with this leaf-shaped spoon. You can use it for tossing salads, serving pasta, and mixing veggies.

This spoon is made of nylon and won’t scratch non-stick cookware. Amazingly, nylon is more durable and lasts longer than silicone. It’s also dishwasher safe!

Happy buyer’s review:

Not only is this spoon attractive when standing in your utensil crock, it is the perfect serving spoon/slightly slotted ladle. One scoop gives a healthy serving of any side dish—one that’s free of excess liquid. For soup, though, you might want two scoops. If you like lots of broth with your soup, use a traditional ladle. For me, however, this spoon picks up the perfect bowl of soup, be it vegetable, chicken noodle, tortilla, or beef stew. @PennyPincher

Buy the cooking spoon on Amazon HERE

2. Amaze your guests with this ravioli spoon rest. ’’Got this for my husband when he started making home-made pasta. It is so cute and has doubled as a pot holder. It keeps my copper countertop from getting wet, and I couldn’t be happier with it.’’

With this ravioli, you can give your hard-working spoons and culinary tools a much-needed rest without leaving a mess on your countertops. The ravioli rest is made of silicone rubber and is shaped to resemble a piece of pasta, depending on how you prefer your pasta cooked, it feels like one too.

Happy buyer’s review:

Super cute! I get so many compliments on this! I post a lot of food pictures on my Instagram, and this is often peeking through at the edge of a lot of my pictures, and so many people ask me where I got it. It adds a cute pop of color to my mostly white and gray kitchen, is lightweight, and easy to clean. I also have some of the other pasta-shaped accessories from the same company because it goes with my Italian American “aesthetic.” :) It is silicone, not ceramic or stainless steel—so this is more on the “fun” kitchen accessories side rather than the “classy” or “expensive” side, for those who are looking at this for a fancy gift. @Liz R.

Buy the spoon rest on Amazon HERE

3. If you enjoy baking and love sweets, you’ll be delighted with this set of measuring spoons. ’’These are very light but so adorable that I can’t help but give them five stars. The egg separator is the cherry on top!’’

This is an adorable 4-piece measuring spoon set that’s perfect for anybody who enjoys cooking food or baked goods. It also has an egg separator, making it simple to separate egg whites from yolks.

Happy buyer’s review:

I actually bought several of these. They are very attractive, and I have a fruit theme going in my kitchen. I bought some for family members as little gifts to keep on hand, and everyone liked them. They are pretty to hang on the wall, but let’s face it, being plastic, they are not as durable as stainless steel. I also like that the leaf is an egg separator. I love them for all the given reasons. @lois

Buy the measuring spoons on Amazon HERE

4. You’ve probably had the problem when the pot of boiling water is just going wild (so that even the stove gets filthy). You can solve this issue with just a little helper — pot watcher.

These steam vents will make you laugh while their little legs hang over the side of the pot. This pair of two pot watchers has a solid color design that hooks onto the side of your pan and manages moisture while cooking.

Happy buyer’s review:

A game-changing gadget you didn’t know you needed. I bought these as a stocking filler for a family member and they love them. I’ve since bought another 3 sets for other people. They are super easy to use and they are made of rubber, so that makes them heat resistant and simple to clean. They stop all pots from boiling over and making a mess of your hob. The ultimate little gadget and the perfect stocking filler for Christmas. @Miss K Davies

Buy the steam vents on Amazon HERE

5. This crab will give you extra support after a hard day at work while cooking dinner. “As a joke, I perched it on top of my TV and put my remote in the claws. That was honestly the best decision ever. It’s cute, it makes me giggle, and I’m probably going to buy another for my other TV.”

This crab is made of 100% food-grade silicone that is BPA-free and resistant to corrosion and peeling. It is designed to hold spoons, tongs, ladles, and other culinary utensils and serves as a heat-resistant utensil rest. But as the reviews have shown, this crab can be used for a variety of things, like holding pencils, remote controls, and glasses.

Happy buyer’s review:

This little guy makes me laugh every time I cook. I highly recommend adding two dots for eyes with a Sharpie marker- totally brings him to life! @WhateverYouWantToCallMe

Buy the utensil rest on Amazon HERE

What are some of your favorite kitchen accessories that you can’t live without?

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