10 Tricks Celebrities Use to Shine Bright on the Red Carpet

Celebrities usually look pretty cheerful and relaxed when they pose for photos on the red carpet. In fact, these events may be long and tiresome and it can require a lot of effort and patience to look stunning in pictures. From wearing shoes in a bigger size to using tape to make their garments fit perfectly, stars use a bunch of tricks to dazzle us with their beauty.

We at Bright Side got curious to learn what our favorite celebrities do to sparkle at red carpet events, and we managed to uncover some of their secrets.

They strike their signature poses.

After many years of posing in front of cameras, many celebrities have come up with their own signature poses. Looking over their shoulders, clasping their hands, or proudly demonstrating their curves — each celebrity knows their best angle, and they know how to pose to look great in pictures. For example, Jennifer Lopez often shows her legs and chooses dresses with side slits that help her do this.

They lie down in cars to keep their outfits from getting wrinkled.

Many celebrities prefer wearing elaborate dresses on the red carpet. In order to keep them from wrinkling, they are actually lying down in their car seats instead of sitting in them. “No wrinkles... Harder than it looks!” wrote Jennifer Aniston in her post showing her lying down in the car on the way to the SAG Awards.

They choose shoes in a bigger size.

We often see stars wearing shoes that appear to be too big for them. The reason for this is actually pretty practical. Celebrities often go up a size when they choose shoes for events in order to avoid blisters and swelling.

They wear comfy sneakers.

Choosing bigger shoes is not the only trick that celebrities use to protect their feet during long parties. Why torture yourself and wear uncomfortable heels when you can simply put on a pair of sneakers? This is what actresses Hailee Steinfeld and Sally Field did during the Vanity Fair Oscar parties.

They use soap to tame stubborn zippers.

Even though celebrities and their stylists thoroughly check their garments before events, anything can happen. When the zippers are hard to open or close or when they get stuck, rubbing a bar of soap on the area can help to move zippers up or down.

They have their photographs taken before the event.

Before leaving for events, celebrities take selfies or ask their assistants to photograph them. It helps the stars see what their outfits and accessories would look like in photos. You can use this trick too next time you get ready for a party.

They use hairspray to fight static.

Static electricity can bring about a lot of trouble. To get rid of it, celebrity stylists use a bunch of simple tricks. For example, they apply aerosol hairspray on the inside of garments, touch their garments with wet hands, or sprinkle some baby powder on their clients’ skin.

They use eye shadow to make their hair look thicker.

Many celebrities use this trick and you can use it too. Just choose matte eye shadows that match the color of your hair and apply them onto your hairline or hair part with a makeup brush.

They smile with their eyes.

When you smile only with your mouth and your eyes look sad, your smile may appear to be somewhat insincere. Many celebrities have learned to “smile” with their eyes when posing for photos. They squint a bit and their eyes make a crescent shape.

They use tape to create a stunning cleavage.

Some types of garments, like strapless dresses or gowns with plunging necklines, can reveal too much, and celebrities try their best to avoid these wardrobe malfunctions. Many celebrity women use tape to make their cleavage look better. Kim Kardashian, for example, uses tape to look better in her bra-less looks, while Kristen Bell tapes her garments in order to not reveal anything she doesn’t want others to see.

If you want to try this trick too, you don’t have to use the actual duct tape. Instead you can try beauty products that are specially designed for this purpose, like hypoallergenic breast lifting tape.

Which tricks do you use to look cool at parties?

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