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10+ Ways to Get Extra Space in Your Small Room

When we live in a small room and don’t have enough space for essentials, it means we need to start thinking more creatively. No matter how tiny your space is, replacing your laundry basket, a regular table, or a desk can be a perfect choice, and there are plenty of unique designs available that will give you extra storage while helping your room look stylish and neat.

We at Bright Side tried to choose practical storage solutions and space-saving tips that anyone can implement without putting forth too much effort.

1. This bed turns into a gym.

Even if you know you can’t fit a workout machine in your small room, there is a way. Soon, you’ll have the option of switching out your regular bed for a murphy bed that morphs into a gym.

2. Use a clothing rack that fits in corners.

Corner racks are the perfect thing to fill up a corner of your room with to hang your clothes on when you don’t have much closet space but you want to show off your clothes. Additionally, it can replace that chair you use to messily pile clothes on top of.

3. Elevate your bed for extra storage.

Lifting up your bed is a great storage space solution. You can add an additional platform under the bed with shelves and drawers or you can get a bed that already has drawers installed. You can also find beds that lift up and reveal a whole wardrobe space underneath.

4. Substitute your chair for an ottoman with storage.

You can use ottomans in 2 different ways. There are ones that you can replace your classic coffee table with or replace regular chairs with that you can also use for extra storage.

5. Use storage bins.

Storage boxes are great for filling up vertical spaces and making things more neatly organized. You can go for regular, decorative boxes or the kinds you can stack on one another.

6. Focus on the walls.

Don’t forget to use your walls and the space they provide. Add hooks to allow you to hang your hats, scarves, and clothes.

7. Don’t use laundry baskets.

A laundry basket won’t look very nice, especially in a small room, and it will take up more space than it needs to. Instead, choose one of your drawers to be for your laundry, or you can use a laundry bag that hangs on your door.

8. Put a mirror on the wall.

Hanging up a mirror might not help you with storage space but it will definitely make your room look and feel bigger.

9. Add a room divider.

Using a divider will help with organizing your room better. Plus, you can always use a bookshelf or regular shelves as a divider, and you will be getting a 2-in-1 advantage.

10. Use a floating desk.

Desks are furniture pieces that usually take up the most space in a room. So instead of getting a classic desk, opt for a floating one. It won’t take too much room and you’ll have more free space underneath it.

11. Consider nesting tables instead of night stands.

Using nightstands might seem like a more reasonable storage option but they’re not practical in terms of movement. Nesting tables, on the other hand, can be used for more than just nightstands, and as an added bonus, you’ll get more than one table. Plus, you can use the space underneath for storage boxes.

12. Get a folding table.

Whether you use it for dining, working, or getting your makeup done, a folding table can be a real game-changer. This can be easily installed on the wall and you can just put it back in place once you’re done with it.

Do you have a space-saving tip for small rooms that you can share with us?

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