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9 Shoe Tricks That Will Make Your Footwear Truly Comfortable

We tend to feel extremely upset when a new pair of shoes creates blisters on our feet right on the first day we wear them or when a bad road leaves a scratch on our high heels. These and other shoe nuisances can be easily avoided. Oftentimes, all you need to do for this is to arm yourself with improvised means.

We at Bright Side are sure that any shoes, even the most beautiful ones, shouldn’t cause discomfort. That’s why we found some simple tricks that will help you avoid the appearance of blisters and other issues.

1. A Band-Aid on shoes will prevent you from getting blisters.

A Band-Aid is an inevitable thing, and not just when you already have blisters. This nuisance can be easily prevented. Simply take any Band-Aid or moleskin and attach it to your shoes, not your feet. It can be placed in a rough place or on the place that rubs your feet. A Band-Aid, especially the one with a fabric surface, will decrease the friction between the tender skin of your feet and shoes.

2. Sanitary pads will protect you from sweat and bad smells.

Regular sanitary pads have many more functions than we are used to thinking. For example, they can easily remove sweat and odors from your shoes. There are several ways you can use them.

You can attach a hygienic pad for daily use right on the insole and it will absorb the moisture as you wear the shoes. The less sweat there is, the fewer the chances are that an unpleasant smell will appear. Moreover, sanitary pads can be placed inside shoes after wearing them — it will help you get rid of the smell and sweat as well.

3. A Band-Aid will help with fatigue.

Not every girl will dare to wear high heel shoes all day long. After this torture, all we want to do is get home as soon as possible and change our shoes for soft slippers. The thing is, high-heeled shoes put pressure on the nerves that are located between the index, middle, and ring toes. This is what provokes unpleasant sensations.

To minimize it, wrap a Band-Aid around the index and middle toes or the middle and ring toes. This will decrease pressure and discomfort, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite pair of shoes longer. Make sure to not wrap your toes too tightly.

4. Fabric flip flops will save you from blisters.

Flip flops are an inevitable type of footwear for the summertime. However, they have one big disadvantage — rubber straps can rub the skin around toes. If this is the case, don’t rush to put your flip-flops away.

You can forget about blisters and painful sensations while wearing them if you wrap the straps with fabric. You’ll need some soft fabric, a glue gun, glue, and scissors. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can initially opt for flip-flops with fabric straps when buying them or simply follow these recommendations: don’t put on flip-flops when they are wet because this quickly provokes the appearance of blisters. Also, don’t wear them daily — make sure to take a 1-day break at least.

5. Protectors will save your high heels and add comfort.

It’s not a nice experience when your high heel gets stuck in the ground, on a gravel path, or between iron bars. Fortunately, today we have methods to protect our health and high heels. A pair of shoes can be saved by special protectors made of polyvinyl chloride, they come in different colors so it will not be difficult to choose the right ones. Protectors distribute weight and allow you to walk comfortably on grass, paving stones, and other surfaces.

6. Hooks will save space.

Those who don’t own many shoes will unlikely have difficulties with storing them. But if you have several pairs of shoes for each season, then fitting them into a closet or a shoe drawer might become quite problematic. Ordinary hooks can help you save space in the entryway — place them low enough but still above the floor and hang your sneakers, shoes, and other footwear that don’t have a bootleg on them.

7. Dishwashing liquid will clean fleece shoes.

Soft fleece is a wonderful liner because it makes feet feel very comfortable. However, this type of fabric starts to look bad when it gets dirty and rolls up. Dishwashing liquid can help bring it back to life. If regular water can’t remove a stain, apply a drop of dishwashing liquid to it and rub in a circular motion. After that, wipe off the remaining product with a damp cloth, blot it with a dry towel, and let it dry away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat.

8. Hairspray will prevent your shoes from sliding.

The insoles of some shoes are slippery. This happens when we buy shoes that are a little too big. Moreover, many of us have one foot bigger than the other one, that’s why the smaller one doesn’t feel as stable in shoes. In order not to end up in a confusing situation when going out, apply some hairspray to your feet — it will make your feet sticky and they will be tightly secured in your shoes.

9. A newspaper roll can widen a bootleg.

Your new boots might not only be tight in the toe area or the heel, but also in the area of the shin. The good thing is that the bootleg can be stretched with the help of a regular newspaper. For that, you’ll need several newspapers that can be folded in a thick roll. It should be as thick as the bootleg so that the material gets stretched out.

Insert the newspaper roll into the boots and store them like this. The roll can be kept in the footwear until the first wear. You can also apply a spray for stretching the leather.

What life hacks do you use when you are choosing new shoes?

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