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15+ People Who Wanted a Pet but Got a Pig in a Poke

Scientists suggest that pet owners feel stressed less often. However, sometimes they have to tickle their nerves when their pets pull unexpected pranks. Like, for example, if a poodle suddenly grows to an enormous size or a bald Sphynx cat starts sprouting fur.

We at Bright Side can only imagine how these 19 pet owners might have been confused, but we’re sure that they weren’t disappointed by the fact that their pets turned out to be more than they bargained for.

1. “We were told that this was a toy terrier.”

2. “This is Fubla, the Sphynx cat. She was bald when she was a kitten but then she started to suddenly grow fur.”

3. “I was actually buying a poodle, but so much time has passed since then.”

4. “This is my so-called Shar-Pei.”

5. “Are you a poodle or dachshund? I don’t think we’ll ever know.”

6. “This is the ’poodle’ my sister presented to our parents.”

7. “We were assured that he would not grow heavier than 4.4 lb. But the dog weighs 15.4 lb now and continues to grow. I think I got a polar bear.”

8. “My mother was told that it was a mixed breed of a hound dog and a chihuahua. 6 years have passed, but the chihuahua hasn’t revealed itself yet.”

9. “I was told that this was a chow-chow, and we didn’t think he’d grow up to be so big.”

10. “And this is my Persian cat...”

11. “I wanted to buy that dog but got this one instead.”

12. “This is my German Shepherd. He’s just short and wears makeup on his eyebrows.”

13. “’He’ll hardly grow, he will always be the size of a puppy,’ they told me.”

14. “We were told that he wouldn’t leave a lot of fur around the house.”

15. “We thought it was a little purebred puppy. But he turned out to be a 9-ft-long greyhound.”

16. “She was supposed to be a Persian cat. And I swear she looked like one when she was a kitten.”

17. “My parents allowed me to get a dog because he was supposed to stay small. But no matter what, he’s still living with us.”

18. “I was told that she’d be a medium-sized dog. But now, I have a real pony running around my house.”

19. “Stop complaining, I got a gremlin instead of a dog.”

Do you know of any situations where a pet grew up completely different from what the owners had expected?

Preview photo credit aguschina__ / twitter