15 Pets Who Finally Found a Loving Home and Their Happiness is Over the Roof

You don’t have to go far or do something grand to make a difference in the world. Even adopting an animal can be a life-changing experience not only for the owners but the pets as well. These four-legged dudes used to be cautious, scared, disappointed, and totally untrusting. Look at them now, they’re shining like never before!

Bright Side proves that the power of kindness can be a complete game changer.

1. “My pride and joy”

2. “My sweet baby. Her adoption pic vs now”

3. “2 weeks ago, I adopted a boy with the saddest face from a nearby shelter. Meet Tom Bombadog!”

4. “A stray dog came into my office and looked at me like ’you are my human,’ so I adopted her.”

5. “It has taken 2 years since we adopted her, Reba has dropped more than half her weight and I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

6. “We adopted Nova 12 weeks ago today and I wanted to share with you all how much he has changed since he arrived!”

7. “Today marks 3 years since I adopted Merlin. Here he is when I first met him and the handsome boy he is today.”

8. “Igor on adoption day vs 30 days later, such a cutie!”

9. “When we first adopted our dog a few weeks ago vs Today. He a thick boy now!”

10. “My brother’s dog, Ricky, before and after adoption.”

11. “3 years, I adopted this terrified little soot sprite, Tina, from a rescue org. Look at that glow up!”

12. “Adopted this cute and overweight kitty, put him on a diet and now he’s less than half the weight of when I first got him!”

13. “Went from a scared doggo to an adorable and happy doggo!”

14. “Day 1 vs Day 30 after adoption”

15. “Adoption day! This is Tucker!”

Have you ever adopted an animal? If not, would you take one from a shelter?

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Preview photo credit shannene123 / Reddit
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