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15+ Photos Proving That Cats Are Exactly Like People But Soft and Furry

It is often said that pets become very much like their owners over time. Maybe, you’ve noticed this too. But the cats that we want to show you today don’t just have the same habits that people do, they act so much like humans that it’s scary.

We at Bright Side couldn’t resist the charms of these fluffy guys that are so much like us. And at the end of the article, there is a story of a cat that deserves a job in emergency services.

“Maybe, you have some teeny tiny treat for me?”

“My buddy and I were setting up for our podcast and my cat decided she wanted to be our guest this week...”

She looks like she just realized she forgot to turn the stove off.

“Lucy always sits like a human and waits patiently when spinach is on the menu.”

We all have those moments when we just want to scream!

Sports? Not today.

“My cat looks like he’s seen something he wants to unsee.”

“You could say my cat does not approve of our new addition...”

Nice dancing

Don’t worry, cat. It’s always scary to drive for the first time.

Do you have the same face after you watch the news?

All kids love movies.

“Why not sing when you have some free time and a lovely voice?”

“I swear she poses when I point my phone in her direction.”

“My cat turned 3, she was not impressed with the celebrations.”

Does anyone even like broccoli?

“Everyone, please look at my girlfriend’s cat... He just stands.”

“This past July, while we were at the beach, my friend sent a picture of his cat’s malfunction.”

“Dear diary, it’s been 84 years since these humans left the house. I can’t take it anymore.”

Bonus: Rescue cat

  • I turned my car engine on and I was talking to my neighbor. Then, some cat starts walking around my legs. When I went to the car, the cat jumps and runs under the car. Now, I have to get it out somehow! I look under the car and see that there’s a gas leak! The thing is, I’d never have noticed it if it wasn’t for the cat. The cat was already gone by the way. He saved me from a lot of trouble because my car would’ve just stopped somewhere in the middle of the road. I see the cat now and then and feed him. © skipper7by / Pikabu

What do your cats do that make you think they are more human than cat?

Preview photo credit skipper7by / Pikabu
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