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15 Photos That Prove Unexpected Visitors Don’t Always Cause a Stir

Visitors usually require a whole day of preparation, cleaning, and cooking before their arrival, which oftentimes causes a stir. But unexpected visitors, in their own right, can cause even more of a stir but that’s not the case for the characters of our compilation. Their charmingly careless faces and funny poses made their surprised hosts grab the camera and capture the unexpected guests.

We at Bright Side like to have visitors, especially when they’re sweeties like the ones featured in this article!

“I found this fox chilling in the backyard.”

“Don’t stare at me like that! Just bring me more corn.”

A small boy with big dreams

“I told you we were going the wrong way.”

“A special visitor at my work!”

“Thought of buying toilet paper, got something much better!”

“So that’s what the little space in the dashboard behind the cup holders is for.”

“Can I be your new family member please?”

“Hey man, you got the stuff?”

Garden inspection

“This little guy showed up on the driveway of our new house this morning.”

“Meet Charlie. Found him under a concrete pad today.”

“I found this stowaway in the coup this morning.”

Can you resist those sweet eyes?

Or these?

How often do you get unexpected (and cute) visitors at your house? Please do share their photos with us!

Preview photo credit ltc_ir1 / reddit
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