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15+ Selfless Pets Who Were Ready to Do Anything for Their Owners

We, owners, take very good care of our pets. We protect them, give them food, play with them, and adore them. But sometimes, our pets do things that make us doubt who the real owner is in the relationship. They might even do something that no one else would be able to do.

We at Bright Side came across a whole list of amazing things that cats, dogs, and other animals have done.

  • My cat Davey noticed that I always take notes during telephone conversations. Every time someone calls me, Davey immediately takes a pen or a pencil and drags it under the table where I can’t get it. Then, while I am crawling under and attempting to grab a writing utensil, the cat is busily swatting as many as possible out of my reach and back under the table’s pedestal as quickly as possible. © Linda Braddy / Quora

  • My little girl Bella is the cutest thing ever. She always brings a smile to my face with her little quirky ways. Every night, without fail, she will go and get my pajamas from under my pillow, bring them downstairs, and give them to me. I think it’s her way of saying it’s time to stop being busy and settle down for cuddles. She generally wins too because it is just so cute! © Amy Fox / Quora

  • My late, beloved cat Roger once barked like a dog to warn me that someone was lurking around my house. It was after midnight, but I was still up doing chores when I noticed him sitting, ears cocked, looking at the front door. He then emitted several short, loud, dog-like barks. I sensed he was warning me that someone was out there who shouldn’t be, so I said, loudly, “Whoever you are, you better get away!” I looked out of the window and saw a drunken stranger that was walking away. I’m glad my cat warned me in time. © Kathleen Alexandrakis / Quora

  • My cat doesn’t wake me up to ask for food. Instead, she will wait patiently until I get out of bed, even if it’s the weekend and I’m sleeping in. It’s only after I am standing upright that she approaches to ask for food. Usually, she does this by finding a prominent spot and staring at me. © Ernest Thanh-Tam Le / Quora
  • Our cat Jeri is a predator and sometimes leaves presents on our mat. A rat’s tail, a little bird, things like that. But one day we were presented with a partially grilled codfish fillet! He had a small bruise on his paw. He must have stolen it from a neighbor’s outdoor grill. © Ricardo Caetano / Quora

I had a crush on a friend. Like many other girls, I checked my phone thousands of times per day, expecting him to send me messages. But he never did. One night, I was typing and deleting messages to him as usual. Once again, I tried to start a conversation, but was too shy to send the messages out. Anxious and upset, I stared at the screen for so long, and once I forced myself to stop, it was already 2 AM. Too tired to play with my cat, who’d been purring and trying to get my attention from my phone the whole evening, I turned off the light and went to bed. The next morning, I got up and checked my phone as usual, not expecting any message from him. But suddenly I was shocked! He sent me a message! I was so shocked that I stared at the screen for more than 10 seconds, then realized I should read the message! I unlocked the screen and saw the message: “Just me or picture is all dark,” I was totally confused. What did he mean? Several seconds later, I realized there was a picture that was sent to him at 4 AM from my phone and the picture was completely dark! “OMG,” I replied, I was overwhelmed, “I didn’t send that.”
I was trying to come up with an explanation. I had locked my door and my phone the night before, when I went to bed. My roommate couldn’t/wouldn’t have broken in and sent a message to him using my phone... And I do not sleepwalk... So there was only one explanation... My cat, the only other creature in my room, had unlocked my phone, opened Messenger, took a picture (which explains why it’s totally dark) and sent it to my crush!!! © Anonymous / Quora

  • My cat had the flu and was sneezing (like literal snot) all over the house. Because of this I had been cleaning up her nose with damp tissue occasionally. So one morning, I pretended to sneeze in front of her face. She looked surprised and put her front paw on my face. Probably trying to imitate what I do to her when she sneezes. © Natasha Abdullah Sani / Quora

  • 15 years ago I had adopted 2 stray cats, and like any other cats they were very hyperactive and playful with each other. One day, a month after my mom passed away, I had a major breakdown, crying like a baby on my sofa. I didn’t cry a single tear at my mom’s funeral up until that day. While sobbing profusely, putting my face on a little pillow, I realized that the house suddenly felt quiet. My cats had stopped running and chasing each other. I felt strange, so I wiped my tears and once I put my face up, I saw the 2 of them sitting right in front of me, giving me the most adorable look. In their eyes, I could see them communicating to me, “Don’t be sad, we are here and we love you. Everything will be alright.” © A. Shabudin / Quora

  • We have a 50 lb German Shepherd mix. Whenever my family sits down to have a conversation, she starts barking at us. She’s a very vocal dog, but she will always bark when we’re having serious discussions. Maybe she’s trying to tell us that we’re doing our finances all wrong... © Nick Sweet / Quora
  • This is Minx. Minx owns the world and everything in it, including my fiancée. Minx also has no fear whatsoever. One evening, a few summers ago, my fiancée and I were relaxing and watching a movie in our living room, when we heard a snarl from just outside our front door. It was apparently a coyote (I found out that there were a few in the area the next morning when I called animal control). Our other 2 cats bolted upstairs and hid. Minx positioned herself between the door and my fiancée. She was hunkered down, growling with her tail straight up and puffed out, ready to take on whatever was out there to protect her “mommy.” © Matt Taylor / Quora
  • I had taken my oldest dog to the vet. Her collar was loose and when we got outside she got loose again and took off into a construction area. I tried calling her, but she ignored me. So, without thinking, I just sat down on the sidewalk in front of the vet and let her play, but I just so happened to lay back and the vet and 2 nurses saw me on the ground and thought I was hurt. They came running out and my dog saw them leaning over me, came running, and knocked both the doctor and the nurses on the ground to get to her daddy. © Tom Lukenich / Quora
  • My dog, Bruno sits next to me whenever I play the guitar. As soon as I stop playing he tries to take my hand in his mouth and rub it on the guitar, so that the music comes back. After a few attempts, when I start playing, he sits by my side calmly. He will do the same thing over and over if I try to stop again. © Anonymous / Quora

  • Once, when my spouse and I were newly married, we were having an argument in the kitchen. Our cat jumped up on the counter, poked her head into a paper lunch bag, and walked around on the counter with the bag over her head. Did she do this on purpose to stop the argument? It sure seemed that way. It’s impossible to keep arguing while your cat is walking around with a bag over her head. © Sara Booth / Quora

  • My cat Nikita made me brush her teeth with an electric toothbrush. The vet was always impressed with her sparklers. You’ll notice her toothbrush says “cat.” © Mark Farley / Quora

  • I woke up, put a hand over my chest, and felt something dampish: a big fish fillet. One of my cats managed to steal it from the kitchen while it was still frozen and laid it, as a present, over my chest while I was sleeping. I didn’t notice anything because I was wearing very thick pajamas. I kept sleeping while the fillet was slowly warming up to my body temperature. © Carlo Sirna / Quora

  • Not sure if this is weird in general, but it is weird to me. I live in a condo and my cat growls at the landscape people when they are tending to the yard and come within 15 ft of our windows. She is a really friendly cat and is not bothered by any animals outside, including other cats. © Diane Larkin / Quora
  • Before I retired I owned a large horse ranch. The black mare that I usually rode was unusually smart. Once, while riding back to the stables at night, she unexpectedly jumped up and to the side. She almost unseated me. Right then a speeding car was passing us from behind on the median! Had she not gotten us out of the way when she did, we would have been toast. © Raquel Diaz / Quora

  • Once, my dog warned me of a nearby rattlesnake with his strange pacing, stare, and whining. © Andy Alden / Quora

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