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15 Shy Animals Who Can Win Your Heart in No Time

Animals are capable of feeling the same emotions as humans, according to a study. They feel love, sadness, and even shyness at times. And when they do this, whether it be because of a new environment or feelings of love, they look absolutely adorable!

Some lucky humans were able to capture cute photos of their pets being shy and Bright Side would love to share them with you.

1. “She’s a bit shy in front of the camera.”

2. “We rescued him a month ago from the humane society. He has finally started to bring his toys to us for playtime!”

3. Someone clearly doesn’t like getting their photo taken.

4. Cat logic: “If I close my eyes, I’m invisible.”

5. “Peek-a-boo!”

6. Nothing to see here. Just a perfectly normal curtain...

7. “I saw this goofy little face peeking out of her owner’s jacket.”

8. “Meet Gilbert. He’s kind of shy.”

9. There’s no dog in this picture...

10. “My friend’s dog likes to hide under his own tail. We’re pretty sure he thinks nobody can see him.”

11. That’s one fluffy bunny we want to hug!

12. “My boy Ollie found this puppy hiding in a bush after a giant storm hit.”

13. “Her favorite hiding spot”

14. “I’m safe in here.”

15. “She said, ’YES!’ I mean, ’WOOF!’”

Have you ever caught your pet being shy or displaying other emotions? Spread the love and share their photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit aaquafresh / Twitter