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15 Times Mother Nature Was Caught With Her Pants Down

Mother Nature always impresses us with her beauty, from her sunrises and sunsets to her waterfalls and rivers. However, nature can be more than magnificent and sometimes downright hilarious. Whether it’s a very tired lion or a kitten facing an existential crisis, the heroes of our article managed to capture nature’s fails with pics that will make you heave with laughter.

We at Bright Side are so amused with nature being silly that we wanted to share it with our readers.

1. He really enjoys his branches.

2. “Internet, meet Obi. He tries to eat air.”

3. “This is my boy Bilbo not knowing what’s going on, ever.”

4. “I was repotting my agave when my I looked inside and saw my cat like this.”

5. “My neighbor’s unicorn goat losing it over some carrot tops”

6. “So majestic and graceful”

7. “Got my cat a tent, I think he likes it.”

8. “My dog got too excited about disc golf and errored.”

9. “My cat having an existential crisis”

10. “Gizmo’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.”

11. “I looked up from my laptop to see this derp.”

12. “Kevin took a visit to the Land Behind the Dryer.”

13. “This isn’t what it looks like.”

14. “My new favorite photo — I can’t stop laughing.”

15. “I think the squirrels I am fighting in my backyard are just casually mocking me at this point.”

Have you ever witnessed nature being this hilarious?

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Preview photo credit 5_Frog_Margin / Reddit
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