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16 Pets Who Are So Hairy, You Can Almost Feel Them Tickling You Right Through the Screen

Pet hair sticking to your clothes can be annoying, but let’s face it — we adore our fluffy pets, no matter what! And some of us are lucky enough to have pets who could advertise hair shampoos and conditioners better than any model. Blonde, red, brown, silky, curly, and sometimes with dreadlocks — their hair is gorgeous, and oh, so long!

Here at Bright Side, we’ve picked out 16 fluffy animals who are rocking some long, fabulous hair. But be careful — they may sweep you off your feet!

1. What could be better than a cool summer breeze blowing through your hair?

2. This dog looks like Rapunzel with her beautiful braids.

3. Can you find the bunny’s face in this white cloud?

4. We don’t know why, but this huge woolen pom-pom has the head of a cat!

5. Atchoum the cat has hypertrichosis which causes his hair to grow excessively long (and makes him look super cute).

6. This sassy guinea pig could be the star of many commercials!

7. Some doggos are lucky enough to wear their long hair curled.

8. That’s not cotton candy. That’s a rabbit, and we are in awe.

9. “Hey hooman, does my hair look alright?”

10. Sometimes it takes quite a long time to see a Persian cat emerge from a bundle of fluffy wool.

11. This cat’s tail is just as big as its entire body.

12. Komondor dogs have stylish dreadlocks that have given the breed a second name: mop dogs.

13. Curly evil in the flesh

14. Afghan hounds are simply gorgeous with their silky, glowing hair.

15. “No, I didn’t stick my paw in a light socket, why do you ask?”

16. When you finally find your perfect angle for a photoshoot:

Which of these long-haired cuties impressed you the most? Do you have a pet? Can you show us a couple of their photos in the comments?