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17 Clingy Pets Who Made People Forget About Personal Space

Our pets are great on their own, but when we manage to have a trusting connection with them, they become a fundamental part of our lives. It’s impossible not to fall asleep to the warmth that their little bodies emanate when they sleep. In that moment of napping, we become their pack and they become ours.

Bright Side presents this series of images of 2 simple wonders of life coming together: resting and having a pet. Be sure to grab a pillow and your furry friend as you scroll through this article.

1. “My new litter of foster kittens has brought me sweet babies to sleep on my guitar while I play. She stayed there for hours.”

2. “I’ve never owned a dog but my wife tells me it’s not normal for them to sleep on their backs like this. This is how Nala takes naps.”

3. “Nap time with little Lucy! My sister found this kitten in the street and it found a home with us.”

4. “She likes to sleep under my pregnant belly. Her world is about to be turned upside down.”

5. “Super-cat dad!”

6. “It’s better to keep quiet and let him sleep.”

7. “Picked up a rescue in Alabama. He’s been sleeping on my arm all the way to Florida. He’s so content.”

8. “Each of them taking care of the other’s dreams”

9. “My mom sleeping with my cat”

10. “My husband went from ’I hate dogs’ to sleeping together in front of the fireplace.”

11. “’Where one sleeps, 4 can sleep too,’ is a cat’s motto.”

12. “I feed the stray dogs in my locality, and this pup loves to sleep like this on my lap every day until I wake it up.”

13. “I have 3 pillows on my bed, but my dog still chose to sleep on my face.”

14. “My dad kept griping, ‘I don’t want a dog!’ This is how I find them napping.”

15. “This is how my kitten likes to ride in the car.”

16. “When I got my kitten, I took a bath, she managed to take a snooze on my shoulder. Months later, she still likes to snooze in the tub.”

17. “My dad is very popular at the dog park.”

Do you have pictures of your pet sleeping like a cherub? Let us see them in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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