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17 Loving Pets Who Won’t Leave Their Humans Alone, Even for a Second

Some pets are real stalkers and want every bit of their owners’ love and precious time. It’s them who you see first thing in the morning, it’s them who never let you “suffer” alone in the shower, and it’s them who always want to get lost in a book together with you.

Here at Bright Side, we found 17 happy humans whose pets are so in love with them that they can’t spend a single second without their beloved owners.

1. When you try to work from home:

2. “This is Waffles. This how Waffles waits for his mama to get out of the shower. THE WHOLE TIME.”

3. “Hey, what are you reading, buddy?”

4. “Every time I shower, he thinks I’m suffering and tries to rescue me.”

5. “That’s enough working for today, human.”

6. “Always need the rescue squad in case I fall into the toilet...”

7. “This is how she waits by the pillow for us to wake up.”

8. “Some people get no privacy from dogs or cats — I get none from THIS guy.”

9. “I just adopted this kitten a few days ago. I never foresaw that it’d be impossible to read with that face looking at me!”

10. “This happens every time I take a bath. Never any privacy!”

11. “Meet Harper. She likes to lay on my chest and just stare at me like this.”

12. When you feel the heavy glare of the boss even though you’re working from home...

13. “Her name is Bandit, and she’s the reason why all my screws end up on the floor.”

14. “Whenever I’m on the toilet, my cat holds his paw on my foot to make me feel safe.”

15. “The girlfriend and I adopted this dude from the shelter yesterday. He follows her everywhere and does this when she sits down.”

16. “This is what I wake up to each morning.”

17. “I stepped out to pick up a package.”

Do you have pets? Do they know what personal space is or do they follow you wherever you go? Show us some pics of your fluffy fellas hanging out with you, and let’s see whose pets are the most obsessed with their humans!

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