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18 Humans and Pets That Can’t Bear to Be Apart From One Another

Humans and animals sometimes develop a special bond. They become best friends and it’s a beautiful thing to see. For those who don’t have pets or have never had one, it may be hard to imagine this sort of relationship. But worry not, we’re here to show you what it’s all about.

Bright Side wants to showcase the unconditional love between pets and their owners with this sweet selection of photos.

1. “You know I always got that thang on me.”

2. “Training to be a shoulder cat — she doesn’t quite get it.”

3. “When your kitten matches your shirt”

4. “My dog has to mow the lawn with my husband. He will eventually fall asleep in his lap.”

5. “Someone was too excited to see us last night.”

6. “The day after I adopted her — we can’t stop hugging.”

7. “My son keeps his fur siblings company every morning while they eat.”

8. “If she starts shivering, I carry her so her woofy-foofers don’t have to touch the cold ice.”

9. “My wife and our dog Bowzer halfway through the Irishman last night”

10. “My driving buddy always gives me kisses.”

11. “She meows constantly in the car unless my other half lets her rest her paws on him while he drives.”

12. “My dad tends to hold the cat’s hands when he falls asleep.”

13. “My daughter and her best friend”

14. “I’ve been sick and Hobbes has been keeping me company.”

15. “17 years together!”

16. “Our dog had surgery. The family decided to heal together so she’s not alone.”

17. “8 weeks vs 8 months”

18. “The fiancé moved in and I lost my dog.”

When was the last time you felt a special bond with an animal? Share photos of your pets in the comments so we can admire them!

Preview photo credit Wizzwoo / Reddit
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