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18 Pics That Prove Animals Are an Eternal Source of Happiness

We bet each pet owner keeps a dozen photos of their fluffy friends in their phones. All because every single day is like a brand new one with them — their poses, their smiles, their paws, and their tails — everything is so sweet that it brings us an immense feeling of happiness as their humans.

We at Bright Side guarantee that whatever mood you are today in, it will get boosted after looking at the animals from our compilation.

“I love you, my hooman, so much!”

Don’t move! Let me give you a kiss!

“Hey, I can see ya upside down!”

“My 3-month-old nugget when the neighbors are cooking fish.”

“I can’t get over this picture of my dog. It’s so funny to me.”

3 napping musketeers

“When you find your doppelgänger, you hold them tight and give them the biggest squeeze.”

“Come and play with me now! Or I’ll bite you. Grrr.”

“What the heck, hooman...”


That’s the whole face of the day! And the ears too!

“She yells until I let her join me in the bathtub.”

Tiredly tired

“One more paw and I am up there.”

“Awww, he winked at me!”

Is this Michelangelo’s Creation of Cat?

“There is a MOTH on the ceiling.”

Even his nose is smiling.

Bonus: This gecko and chameleon look like the most charming old couple.

How did your pet make you smile today? Please share their photos so that we can smile too!

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