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19 Photos That Prove Animals Are an Endless Source of Serotonin

Pets can have their happy hormone level increased by over 130% after playing with their owner for over half an hour — and the same goes vice versa. It’s impossible not to smile back when you see wondrous eyes, a curious nose, and a smile with little teeth peeking out to see if you’re already awake in the morning, asking for a pet or a belly rub.

Here at Bright Side we adore animals, and what we love even more is to share their sweetest pics with our readers!

1. We always thought he would grow into his ears...

2. Colby will stare at you in adoration until you pet him, rescue doggo.

3. The cutest *MLEM* you’ll see all day

4. Can’t resist these beautiful blue eyes!

5. Hi hooman, wanna go for a walk?

6. The snow booped the snoot!

7. Boots with the furrr...

8. He’s only 4 months old!

9. This baby came straight from a Disney movie!

10. My Shepherd puppy is in the “Teepee” ear stage.

11. These snow white teef!

12. Never seen a happier floofer.

13. So proud of herself for learning to sit.

14. Smol partners in crime.

15. “My face when mom calls me a little tyrant”

16. Zoe is smiling at you because she knows you got this! Trust Zoe.

17. The definition of pure joy!

18. Hooman! Throw ball, I catch!

19. Do you ever look at someone and wonder, “What is going on inside their head?”

Do you have your own everyday source of serotonin? We’d be happy to see your pictures in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit oldtupperWare / reddit
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