20 Bright Side Readers Shared Pictures of Their Pets, and They Are Really Sweet and Funny

Over the years, your pets can not only become great company, but also the best friends you’ll ever have. Being by their side while they grow up allows you to become part of their most memorable experiences, and no one can deny that watching them sleep or witnessing their silly antics is nothing less than delightful. Sometimes you manage to capture those perfect moments in photographs and those pictures are some of the most cherished treasures you can keep in your heart. Thanks to them, you can go back to that moment anytime you want.

Bright Side knows that our readers just love their pets. That’s why, this time, we gathered some of the prettiest photos that our audience shared with us, so that you too can enjoy their cuteness.

1. How could anyone resist all this loveliness?

2. Love-filled tiny buddies

3. A very special muchacho

4. “The greatest love of my life”

5. “Can you scratch my belly?”

6. “I told you I’m embarrassed!”

7. Mom’s arms are always the best

8. Ready for a “walk”!

9. Look at this beautiful and innocent face.

10. 2 adorable real-life teddy bears

11. They are the king and queen of the house and that’s not up for debate.

12. “They’re coming... Quick, pretend you’re sleeping!”

13. “Your attention should always be focused on me, alright?”

14. “Are you trying to make a fool of me?”

15. “You and I are one and the same, babe.”

16. Clearly he’s the most spoiled boy in the house.

17. He’s a baby and he knows it.

18. Eyes that steal your heart

19. A doggy kiss!

20. Friends, no matter what!

What’s the funniest or most beautiful moment you ever had with your pets? Tell us in the comment section and share a picture of them, so we can meet your 4-legged friends!

Preview photo credit Melissa Martinez / Facebook
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