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20+ Gentle Giants Who Came to Us With Nothing but Tons of Love

Sometimes nature is so diverse and unique that our little pets turn out to be huge, clumsy giants. Can you barely lift your kitty up? And does your big doggie fit on your couch? These jumbos are still our loving 4-legged friends.

We at Bright Side collected pics of giant pets who can’t wait to express their love.

1. “Our daughter, who is now 3, and one of our Saint Bernards, who is now 9”

2. “Once a lap dog, always a lap dog.”

3. “My big boy and me, cuddling”

4. “Koji, my gentle giant”

5. “My alarm system is an absolute unit.”

6. “This is Spartacus, one big rescue doggie.”

7. “I foster 51 cats, 14 dogs, and 12 rabbits in Spain. And I present to you, my sanctuary’s absolute unit.”

8. “This is my lapdog, Moose.”

9. “My brother’s new 8-week-old puppy weighs over 33 lb.”

10. “My 7-month-old puppy”

11. “Moose the Goose and my mom”

12. “My 70-lb pup on the right was appropriately in awe of this chunk of a unit.”

13. “My not-so-little buddy Milo is only 8 months old.”

14. “My unit of a cat, Trevor, compared to a normal-sized cat twice his age. He’s the same size as our corgi.”

15. Just a little doggo...

16. Who said the 2 of them can’t be friends?

17. “My boyfriend’s dog barely fits on the new love seat.”

18. “In awe of the size of this ferret.”

19. “My dad’s 150-lb German Shepherd”

20. “I got my huge pet snail a small pet snail.”

21. “Ludo loves snuggles.”

Have you ever seen such giant pets? Maybe you own one? Share pics of them in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit 5th_Invictus / Reddit
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