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20 Pets That Like to Hide From Their Owners, and We Want to Cuddle With Them Even More

Pets never cease to surprise us, be it with their tenderness or their mischievous ways. But they can also make you wonder what they’re up to. In this case, we’ll show you pics of pets who like to hide (or at least try to do so) and the tender and fun ways they do it. Why and how they came up with this little game, we don’t know, but the fact remains that it makes us want to cuddle with them more than ever.

At Bright Side, we’ll show you some naughty little pets that, without a doubt, know how to surprise humans.

1. “My cat hiding behind the curtain”

2. “Hidden from my human...”

3. “This is our cat ’hiding’ under the bed. If her head is hidden, no one can see her. She does this all the time!”

4. “A well-hidden hunter”

5. “I’m hidden!”

6. “Leave me alone, I’m playing with my toys!”

7. “No one can find me here...”

8. “Our little Batman hiding in the blankets”

9. “There’s a cat hiding in this picture. Can you find it?”

10. “My kitty, Big Mack, being a hidden cutie”

11. “Spot the hidden dog!”

12. “It’s way too dark here, nobody will find me!”

13. Hiding behind the living room’s curtains

14. “My sweet Suzie Q thinks she is hiding.”

15. “This plant turns you invisible, wanna try?”

16. “She very often does her best to be nearly completely hidden.”

17. Getting prepared to hunt a butterfly

18. “I can surveil everyone from here, but nobody can see me.”

19. “Crouching human, hidden floof”

20. Can you spot the hidden cat?

Does your pet usually hide in plain sight? What was the most unusual place you found him or her hiding in?

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