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20+ Photos of Animals That Made Us Rub Our Eyes

Mother nature is like a typical artist: when she gets bored, she likes to change things up and play with colors. A green puppy, a brown panda, and a white alligator are the masterpieces which come from beneath her paintbrush and make human beings stare in awe.

We at Bright Side couldn’t help but share these real animal gems, which people witnessed and managed to catch on their cameras. And the bonus will make you say “aww” instantly.

1. A new breed of squirrels is upon us.

2. This dog has the silhouette of a fat cat in his fur pattern.

3. This albino alligator is a real Snow White.

4. These twin cats are just mirror fur patterns of each other.

5. This rabbit is really a leopard, at least that’s what he wants you to think.

6. This puppy, whose name is Hulk, was born this lime-green color.

7. This black and white goat seems to be wearing a special animal tuxedo.

8. This cat’s fur pattern makes it look like it has crazy cartoon eyes.

9. This albino turtle from Sri Lanka is a real gem.

10. This cat has a split eye color.

11. This Shiba Inu dog has wonderful black stockings.

12. This cat has an encircled triangle pattern on its fur.

13. Qizai, the brown panda

14. A leucistic robin spotted in a park

15. It looks like this King Cheetah scratched his own back.

16. This black cat, with a beautiful eye peculiarity, was found in the center of Athens.

17. This dog has a tongue with freckles. :)

18. Both puppies have their marks: a heart and a down-facing arrow

19. This small husky has amazing eyebrows.

20. This cat’s head coloring is split perfectly down the middle.

21. This black squirrel was probably confused with a black cat a thousand times.

22. This grey ladybug must be really hard to spot.

23. This puppy has Alfred Hitchcock on his back...

24. A baby cow with a butt heart AND a head heart

Bonus: A duck with a lovely haircut that looks super-flirty!

Have you ever noticed any unusual animals while you were out and about? Were you able to capture a photo of them on your camera? Maybe you have a pet with a unique sign on their fur or some rare fur pattern? We’d love to take a look at their photos.

Preview photo credit unknown / Reddit