20 Pics of Cats That Were Spotted at Their Place of Work That Can Make You Want to Have a Furry Staff Too

Not all people know this, but dogs aren’t the only animals with jobs. Hardworking cats, even though they sleep for approximately 13-14 hours a day, can compete well with canines in the workplace. And sometimes, they even beat dogs at some jobs — like being a furry background for bloggers’ photos, babysitting, or giving a scornful look to unwanted guests.

Here at Bright Side, we love cats and can’t imagine our lives without them — especially when they help us so much doing their little cat jobs. Take a look for yourself to see what we mean.

1. “Staying at an Airbnb and I woke up to their kitten this morning licking my face. Instant 5-star review!”

2. When you lied on the resume but got the job anyway:

3. We’re all in safe hands.

4. “This is ’Lil’ Kim.’ She works at my local record shop and greets every customer.”

5. Dan the postman

6. “My mother-in-law’s cat sits on the post like this and judges the neighbors.”

7. Bloggers with cats always have luxury backgrounds.

8. “My repairman fell asleep mid-job.”

9. Consulting team

10. The most reliable security camera

11. “This is Butters. She’s been a truck driver for 4 years now.”

12. The whole kitten receptionist team, working hard!

13. The void, gatekeeping guests

14. Feline mountain climber

15. A bookstore employee in Kauai

16. “I have the cutest babysitter.”

17. Icelandic cats have jobs!

18. The chief supervisor of knocking things over on this demolition crew

19. “The public relations officer at my university campus”

20. “My apprentice cabinetmaker, Maeve”

What job does your cat do? We’d be happy to see your pics and comments in the section below.

Preview photo credit Nikachuu / reddit
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