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20+ Senior Pets That Still Have Our Hearts and Always Will

There’s nothing like watching our pets grow up from tiny, naughty babies to mature, calm seniors, just like people. Our 4-legged friends may be young or may be old, but one thing is for sure: our love for them will always remain the same. It might even grow bigger.

Bright Side is very familiar with the bond between a person and their pet, especially when it grows into adulthood. That’s why we gathered pictures of senior animals that, despite their age, keep making our days brighter. At the end of the article you’ll find a very peculiar bonus. Don’t miss it!

1. “My 1-and-a-half-year-old son with my 14-year-old cat”

2. “This is my dog Goober, he’s 10 years old.”

3. “My 11-year-old dog is simply majestic.”

4. “My sleepy old lady, Mimi. She’s almost 11, and she falls asleep in the car from time to time.”

5. “This is my 17-year-old cat. He’s been with me since I was born.”

6. “This is Kensey, my 12-year-old girl. Her face used to be all brown. Still as bossy as ever!”

7. “He’s about to turn 13.”

8. “My 18-year-old cat, Stanley. He is the sweetest old man kitty ever.”

9. “My 15-year-old dog, who’s also blind”

10. “I went to the beach with my old dog. He’s 14 and has been with me for most of my life.”

11. A cat that lived 21 years

12. “This is my 9-year-old dog.”

13. He’s 13, but his puppy face hasn’t changed at all.

14. Young age vs Old age (13 years old)

15. “This is my 16-year-old buddy, Max. He is chill and loves constant company.”

16. “2-year-old Mary Swanson with my 15-year-old cat, Yummy”

17. “When life gives you lemons... My 17-year-old cat found some comfort with his post-surgery cushion. I suspect he enjoys having it.”

18. This cutie is 15 years old, but has the eyes of a baby.

19. “This is Gunner’s 2019 Halloween costume. He’s 12 in this picture, now he’s 13.”

20. “This is Lulu, my 19-year-old cat.”

21. He’s 16 years old, but he needs his mom’s affection as if he were a small puppy.

Bonus: His name is Toby and he’s 7 years old. He looks like this because he’s got Ehlers—Danlos syndrome, which affects his skin and makes it hyperelastic.

Which of these beautiful animals moved you the most? Do you have an elderly pet you grew up with or that you’ve seen grow up? Share their pictures with us in the comment section!