20 Times People Couldn’t Escape the Grip of Mother Nature

According to Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, “Life, eh, always finds a way.” And this is true, as many people have experienced it firsthand. Be it a rogue peacock sneaking into your bathroom, a slug in a sink, or a bird nesting in instant noodles — nature will find a way to interject itself into your life one way or another, and we hope that’s all right with you.

Bright Side gathered 20 pics where nature decided to pay people a visit and are presenting them to you.

1. “Took out the trash for 5 minutes and found this intruder in my house.”

2. “There’s a live crayfish defending the rice aisle in my local Asian market.”

3. “A frog visited my car last night.”

4. “Heard rustling on my bedroom floor and woke up to this lil’ fella just now.”

5. “Someone made a home in my ramen.”

6. “A pair of fawns were born in my yard this morning.”

7. “I was having lunch outside of my office and a bird landed in my hand.”

8. “I guess I mistakenly planted my tomato right next to where I’d sown some bunny seeds.”

9. “This iguana that eats the fruit in my garden”

10. “A moth landed on my arm and was chilling there long enough for us to snag a picture.”

11. “They don’t call me the rainbow skink for nothing!”

12. “We found a little bat in the house.”

13. “Saw a live snake in the local Goodwill store.”

14. “Found this frog in my garage.”

15. “This robin that flew into my parents’ living room and landed on my dad’s shoe”

16. “My backyard is infested with burrowing ’land lobsters.’”

17. “Found a slug slithering out of the sink’s overflow drain.”

18. “I found a cyclops moth and it was huge...bigger than half my hand.”

19. “Just a sunbird that flew in and perched on my friend’s finger”

20. “Walked past a sidequest this morning.”

What wildlife intruders have you found in your regular life?

Preview photo credit paperoni / reddit
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