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24 Animals That Let Their Personalities Shine Through the Lens

Sneaking in and trying to go unnoticed, stolen shoes, rolling eyes... All signs that our child has entered adolescence. However, in this case, we’re talking about our beloved four-legged “children.” These animals are going through a phase, and they don’t need words to show it.

We at Bright Side are truly grateful for these wonderful gems captured at the right moment that show the personalities of fluffies.

1. “Photobomb”

2. “Trying to teach my daughter to hold the cat properly and captured this gem.”

3. “Birthday boy turns 6 and wants his cake.”

4. Honey, there’s something wrong with the window cleaners!

5. “Are you missing a shoe?”

6. “My lippers are exhausted, said George.”

7. “I got into an epic puppy battle! And I kinda lost.”

8. “He’s used to having the backseat to himself.”

9. When neither you nor your buddy knows how to take good pics.

10. “Sequoia believes we won’t notice her sneaky attempts to come to work today.”

11. “I feel like my dog’s expressions are being under-utilized.”

12. “’Take a picture of me hugging Norris,’ she said.”

13. “Ace: Majestic in the street, derpy by my feet.”

14. “She was not ’berry’ happy.”

15. “Relationship epiphany”

16. “Stop taking pictures and help!”

17. Monday mood...

18. “When I come home from work, he tries to make sure I can never leave him ever again.”

19. “He loves me, I swear.”

20. “Loki’s got too much cattitude.”

21. “Are you done, human?”

22. “Stop touching muh’ face with yo’ face!”

23. “I want the ices.”

24. “Happy birthday, Mr. Handsome!”

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Preview photo credit averagehomosapien/ Reddit
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