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25 Times People Couldn’t Escape Mother Nature and Didn’t Even Want To

With the ever-growing development of cities and our influence on nature, animals are forced to learn how to traverse our concrete jungles. Studies show that animals living in urban areas adapt to their new surroundings extremely fast. They have to live along with humans, sometimes interact with them, and even peek inside their neighbors’ home to say hello.

Bright Side adores the relationships between humans and wildlife, so we collected 25 photos from people who managed to bond with nature in unexpected ways.

1. “A hummingbird crashed into our window and let my sister hold it until it felt better. I was so excited to have gotten this pic!”

2. “Someone’s enjoying their new hangout in my pineapple plant.”

3. “We found this moth in our yard today.”

4. “Fun fact: A 3-banded armadillo is the only species that can roll up like this.”

5. “I found a pair of shinglebacks out in the bush today. This lovely guy is showing off his blue tongue.”

6. “Got an unexpected guest this afternoon!”

7. “This bat took a break from its food to pose.”

8. “My mom and a deer became best friends on her camping trip this weekend.”

9. “This photo I took makes it look like a very large squirrel is sitting next to a very small seagull.”

10. “This squirrel in Central Park looks ready to fight.”

11. “We found a white spider. It looked so pretty against these purple flowers!”

12. “While weeding the garden today, I discovered that I had some new tenants!”

13. “I got a high 5 (4 actually) from this super tiny frog today.”

14. “A bird used my weed whacker to build her nest in.”

15. “This crow is staring at me suspiciously.”

16. This raccoon decided to pay its human neighbors a visit.

17. “I was rotating my potted plants tonight when I noticed this sleeping baby lizard.”

18. “This chipmunk came and sat in a chair on my front porch to eat his acorn.”

19. “Caught a photo of a dolphin jumping 5+ feet out of the water in Florida.”

20. This bird looks like a peacock snuck into the hen house!

21. “Upgraded my security personnel to keep the squirrels away from the last of the tomatoes.”

22. “Looked outside to see a bird looking into my house.”

23. “We found a wandering violin mantis. It indeed looks like a tiny violin!”

24. “Golden Beetle I found chilling in my boxers”

25. “A lizard fell off my ceiling and hit my dusty lawnmower.”

What animals have you encountered — or maybe they have encountered you? Share your stories and photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit Monterrey3680 / reddit
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