11 Uplifting Stories That Show Humanity Is Thriving

study has shown that being kind to people makes you a happier person. So the term “spreading the light” isn’t really a cliché. Whether you adopt a puppy or a wild boar, or you’re kind to a delivery person or a baby goat; the end result is the same. Kindness makes the world a better, more humane place.

Here are some of the most heartwarming stories of kindness that touched us at Bright Side, and we’d love to share them with you to bring out the smiles and inspire you further.

1. “We made a helmet for a baby goat with a hole in its skull.”

Little Bo, the goat, was born with a large hole in his skull that left his brain exposed. He was rescued by the Goats of Anarchy, and DiveDesign 3D-printed this custom TPU helmet for Bo to be able to carry on and headbutt in peace — and look like a daredevil while doing it.

2. Simone Biles gifted her teammate’s father a wheelchair.

Simone Biles may not have won the Olympic Gold, but she certainly has a heart made of it. She recently gifted her teammate, Suni Lee’s dad a customized wheelchair after a spinal injury left him paralyzed from the chest down.

3. Baby rhinoceros are being born despite the risk of extinction.

With rhinoceros numbers decreasing everywhere, a new addition is always a heartwarming tale. So on August 21, the London Zoo welcomed little baby Nandi, a southern white rhino calf whose pictures melted our hearts.

4. A little love made all the difference to a rescue dog.

Not everyone wants a dog with 2 different colored eyes. But not only did Reddit user xwolffhelmx adopt this good girl from a rescue shelter, they named her Iris. This beautiful heterochromic dog is thriving today.

5. “Bought a used car from an older gentleman...”

Reddit user eligibility bought a car from an older gentleman. They posted, “Found this after I got home,” and the picture is heartwarming. A comment also stated that in Ireland, giving gas money was the norm to wish a car buyer good luck, only now it’s not done anymore.

6. Someone made a billboard adoption ad for a shelter dog.

To get their longest-staying shelter dog adopted, Scoot Poore from Mission Driven Goods took out a billboard ad for Sally Sue. Because he feels that “Sally has been living at the farm for over a year now and even though she is loved by the staff and volunteers, she deserves a forever home.” Good luck, Sally Sue.

7. A belated birthday present full of brotherly love

Reddit user JustSomeDude477 got a wholesome surprise when his brother, who was visiting, dropped in a belated birthday gift and told him it was not a big deal. His reaction? “The man is insane I still can’t believe he did this.” A brand new PS5 is a cause for celebration indeed.

8. This cat comforted her upset owner.

Reddit user zombie-magnet was hurting over the loss of a coworker and crying. Her cat, Eustace, decided to comfort her and climbed into her lap for some snuggles. This cat owner is “so thankful for this sweet baby.”

9. Giant pandas are no longer endangered.

For anyone who loves pandas or other animals, this is a great step forward. While pandas aren’t exactly out of trouble yet, their status has moved one step below the danger level, from endangered to vulnerable. This gives animal conservationists hope, for if the pandas can be brought back from the brink, so can other creatures.

10. A free drink for all delivery people.

This is how you make the world a better place, one kind deed at a time. And as Reddit user esd001 says, some jobs are bad but they’re better if you deliver something to their home.

11. The couple who adopted a lost wild boar piglet

When Dora Ngai, a Chinese blogger who lives in Sri Lanka with her boyfriend, Nuwan, found a little baby boar on her doorstep, she stepped up. Dora and Nuwan gave the baby boar a home, naming her Yezhu. Today she’s living her best life with the couple’s dogs and has her very own swimming pool.

Which of these stories touched your heart the most? Share your heartwarming experiences with us to spread joy and inspiration.

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Preview photo credit DiveDesign_Adam/reddit
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