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Animal Care Workers Share 15+ Photos of How They Weigh Our Little Pals

To make sure that an animal is healthy and developing normally, professional caregivers have to measure its size and weight. But it’s not always easy for either party. So zookeepers and shelter workers invent different ways to weigh their fosterlings, and some of them are really unusual while others are downright adorable.

Bright Side would like to show you 17 photos that display how you can weigh different kinds of animals.

17. To calm down a baby koala, zookeepers sometimes use a tree limb...

16. ...or a plush toy!

15. “At a bird banding station, we use burritos to weigh the owls we catch.”

14. This baby panda seems to be comfortable on the scale.

13. If you want to weigh a lemur, turn the process into a game.

12. How to prevent a penguin from running away:

11. There are special spoons to weigh small frogs.

10. Turns out, sea lions like posing while being weighed.

9. Baby bats aren’t afraid of being weighed either.

8. To weigh a tiger cub, you can use a bucket.

7. This baby elephant is bravely standing on the scale on its own.

6. Just place a tree branch on the scale and you’ll be able to weigh any bird.

5. “Today at the zoo, I learned how zookeepers weigh turtles: upside down on a can.”

4. Kittens have to be tricked into being weighed.

3. The easiest way to weigh a wild sloth

2. To weigh a squirrel monkey, you should put some mealworms into a bucket attached to the scale.

1. How to weigh a prairie dog — step 1: lure him with a walnut.

The end.

Does your pet like getting weighed? We’d like to see their photos in the comments!