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Science Claims People Who Talk to Their Pets Are Way Smarter Than Those Who Don’t

If you can’t help but tell your dog stories about an annoying colleague or discuss your dinner options with your cat, you can breathe easy. This is not a sign of craziness like your other half or your parents might suspect. Science claims that talking to our furry friends is actually a sign of other pretty important qualities.

Bride Side became interested in this study and discovered more interesting facts. That’s why we can’t wait to spill the beans.

Pets are our ultimate friends. They are always near us, providing the necessary support and help. And it’s no wonder that sometimes we feel the need to share our feelings and thoughts with them. But there is also a science-backed explanation of these talks with those who can’t understand us.

Researchers call this phenomenon anthropomorphism. Luckily, they’ve confirmed that there is no need to call a doctor. The tendency to attribute human-like emotions and features to non-human objects is based on intelligence and creativity rather than boorishness or stupidity. “It’s actually a natural byproduct of the tendency that makes humans uniquely smart on this planet,” claims Nicholas Epley, a scientist.

If we dive deeper into the subject, we will understand that this story actually begins in childhood. Kids are able to create friends out of nowhere. And we think that everyone probably remembers having to take all of their plush bears, bunnies, and cars to bed with them so no one was left offended. Parents usually adore these signs of loyalty, friendship, and communication in their children.

But everything changes when we grow up. It is believed that this trait must be left behind and that this is something we have to outgrow. If we saw adults talking to their phones or computers, we might start to think that this person is immature or maybe even insane.

However, there is no difference between us talking to inanimate objects and us talking to our pets. For example, Epley discusses an interesting survey performed by the radio show, Car Talk. It was noted that the more people liked their cars, the more they reported them appearing to have a mind, beliefs, desires, and even a personality.

You can now be sure that there is no need to worry. Your habit of telling your pet about your day is actually a natural and normal thing and it only means that your brain is functioning properly. So next time you’re walking your furry friends you can ignore the surprised looks of people passing by. They are just jealous of your intelligence and enormous brain!

Do you ask or tell your pets about anything? What other objects are “alive” for you? Share this article with friends who are still shy about showing their connection to things they like.

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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