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13 Pics That Prove Why This Right-Handed World Can Be a Nightmare for Lefties

Look at all the things we use every day. They’re all designed in a way that makes left-handed people suffer. Don’t believe us? Read the article and see it for yourself!

Bright Side is going to tell you about 13 everyday things that are real nightmares for lefties.

13. Regular scissors

Try to cut something holding scissors in your left hand. You’re likely to fail. When you hold scissors in the “wrong” hand, the blade is on the wrong side and the scissors become literally useless.

Of course, there are scissors designed specifically for left-handed people, but their price is higher. It’s unfair!

12. Can openers

In the picture, you can see the way you open a can if you’re a lefty. An opener’s handle is on the right and it’s just impossible to use it with your left hand.

11. Fruit and vegetable peelers

This item isn’t just inconvenient, it’s also dangerous. Such peelers usually have a blade on one side only. When you hold a peeler with your left hand, you peel vegetables going toward you, so you can end up cutting your hand.

10. Bread knives

There is a special blade in such knives. Notches are tilted to one side and help us cut pieces of bread. But if you hold a knife with your left hand, these notches will push crumbs to the opposite side.

9. Corkscrews

If you try to open a wine bottle with your left hand, you’ll probably spend a few minutes trying to understand how the corkscrew is rotating the wrong way.

When you use it with your left hand, you have to rotate it counterclockwise and it’s really inconvenient.

8. An electric kettle

Try to hold a kettle with hot water and pour it into a cup with your left hand. Is anything wrong? You can’t see how much water is left because most kettles have a measuring line on the left side only.

7. Silver surface syndrome

If you’re a lefty, you erase and smudge the text that you write and your hand gets black or blue. Artists call this effect the “silver surface syndrome”.

6. Spring notebooks

Notebooks with springs and rings only worsen the situation and constantly annoy lefties.

5. Pencil sharpeners

It’s almost impossible to use a pencil sharpener as it moves the wrong way. Just try it!

4. Sauce spoons

One more lefty nightmare! To pour sauce, you have to be really flexible.

3. Playing cards

Do you like to play cards? You probably don’t if you’re left-handed. In this case, you can’t hold cards in a way where you’re able to see all the numbers in the upper corner.

2. School desks

Are you left-handed? Be ready to hold your hand in the air as almost all desks in lecture halls are for right-handed folk.

1. You can define a left-handed person with one tiny detail.

Are you a left-handed or right-handed person? Do you know any other difficulties that lefties usually face?

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