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14 People Who’d Better Stay as Far Away From the Camera as Possible

Perhaps we all have awkward photos that make us feel so embarrassed, we want to dive into our beds and stay under the covers for a year or 2. But at this moment, it’s important to remember that the world is full of these “unlucky people” who were captured on camera at the worst moment ever. And the best way to get through it is to laugh at these crazy photos together.

We at Bright Side hope that the characters of today’s compilation will prove that clumsy photos are no reason to feel ashamed, but rather, an excuse to extend our lives with laughter.

“A friend of ours sent my wife and me the only photo they found from their wedding that my wife was in.”

“My poor friend trying to learn how to wakeboard...”

“I dropped my fish mid-picture.”

“My bachelor party over 10 years ago — we went out for a picture and got a swim instead.”

“This is a gorgeous dress and the model is nice. However, there’s something important missing here...”

“My cat yawns like the monster she actually is.”

“The exact moment we found out the glow lights I got for Christmas were VERY bright”

“The best picture that my mom was able to take of me when I visited the Tower of Pisa”

“My camera snapped a picture exactly when another camera’s flash was going off.”

“An emu was stealing our food at a picnic and he spilled the apple juice on himself.”

“We tried posing on a really narrow ledge.”

“My dad just after being on a skimboard for 1 second, proclaiming, ’I’d bet $20 I can stay on the board for, like, a minute!’”

Middle-aged dads are some of the best nonsense-talkers. © Monkee1313 / Reddit

“Apparently, the satanic spirit possessing my cat doesn’t like selfies.”

“I looked at this model for 5 minutes before realizing where the rest of her body was.”

What awkward moments have your friends or relatives captured of you?

Preview photo credit DA_FUNK91 / Reddit
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