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15 2-Faced Photos That Made Us Do a Double Take

Through a camera lens, reality sometimes can appear distorted. Whether it’s the angle or lighting, people have accidentally captured mesmerizing optical illusions. From a dog that’s mistaken as an arm to a white wall that looks like the ocean, photos can really test our minds.

Bright Side now challenges you with some baffling pics.

1. “A bag with legs”

2. “Happy monkey”

3. “The shadow of my jeans looks like a face.”

4. “The reflection in the mirror on this hotel check-in desk.”

5. “An invisible dad reads to his kids.”

6. A dog that looks like an arm

7. “I can’t figure out what’s going on with this building in Gangnam, South Korea.”

8. “The white back wall of my courtyard garden looks like the ocean.”

9. “It’s a floating flag.”

10. “The reflection makes the HDD platter invisible.”

11. “I thought I was looking at a big waterfall from this lookout point but turns out it’s just a lake.”

12. “I can’t find the loop.”

13. It’s not a person with an open mouth, just a girl fixing her hair.

14. “A big dog with a small head”

15. “This Copenhagen train station looks like 2 images.”

Have you recently been tricked by one of these real-life optical illusions? Are you good at figuring out visual challenges? Bring your anecdotes and pics to the comments where we can all be fascinated by them!

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