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15 Before and After Photos That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Part of Back to the Future

According to a neurologist, our brain has a system to sort our memories from important to not so important. Events in which we experience a lot of emotion and situations that are meaningful to us are the ones we’ll probably remember the most. Sadly, time passes so fast as we age that those memories can fade a little, but luckily for us, technology has found a way to capture our most precious recollections.

Bright Side wanted to show you 15 photos that are probably gems in someone’s family album.

1. “We went back after 14 years and just had to recreate this picture.”

2. “My grandmother at a homecoming football game in 1957, and me in the same dress, 60 years later.”

3. Pierce Brosnan with his firstborn son (left), and with his first grandchild (right).

4. “My dad standing under the Rialto Bridge in Venice in 1984 and me in the same spot 38 years later.”

5. Dad Arnold vs Grandpa Arnold

6. “My family in 1995 and 2014.”

7. “45 years later, you’re still my main squeeze.”

8. “5th grade — 45 years old. At least I have better glasses now.”

9. “My great grandma in her ‘roller skating outfit’ that she sewed and embroidered herself. And me, wearing her outfit 70+ years later.”

10. “Partying together throughout the years.”

11. Kylie to Kendall Jenner: “I wouldn’t want to walk through life with anyone else.”

12. “My photo of Steve Ross, Bob’s son, painting yesterday.”

13. Caitlyn and Kylie Jenner a while ago.

14. “When my son was born last week, we took the opportunity to recreate this photo from my birth!”

15. “Me holding my son at my high school graduation vs Me holding my son at his high school graduation”

What are some things you saved from your past that you really like to revisit from time to time? Tell us in the comments, we love reading your thoughts.

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