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15 People Who Unleashed Their Inner Artist and Created Stunning Works of Art

Creative people can spend days working on pieces of art, making magnificent creations with their hands, or even drawing their favorite comic strips. They like taking on their own projects that are inspired by their imaginations and created from scratch. These 15 people should be especially proud of the creative side of their personalities.

1. “The clay rock? A rock of clay? Finally finished my commissioned sculpture after 4 months of work.”

2. Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume

3. “Lo-Fi girl cosplay”

4. “A Star Wars cake I made for my son’s birthday”

5. “Keeping my mind occupied”

6. “I quit my job to pursue my passion in art, drawing pet portraits! Here’s some of my work.”

7. “This is my colored pencil drawing of Vincent Van Gogh, hope you like it.”

8. “I completely restarted 3 times and spent 10+ hours painting, but I’m glad I stuck with this one.”

9. “A big key I made but that unlocks nothing”

10. “I painted myself drawing myself painting myself painting myself painting myself, oil on canvas.”

11. “My latest glitchy forest painting!”

12. “I draw animal portraits using colored pencils on paper, reference photo on the left vs drawing on the right.”

13. “I used so much paint.”

14. “A tin robot I made”

15. “First time carving a sheep horn”

How do you channel your creative energy? What is your favorite piece of art?

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