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15 Photos Proving This World Is Full of Weird Things

Sometimes, one accidental encounter can turn a regular day into an unusual adventure. For example, you can see a tree wearing jeans or an Egyptian sphinx in someone’s yard. At least you’ll have something to tell your friends later! We’ve found people who saw something really unusual and then shared it with the world.

Bright Side has collected some photos that will definitely surprise you.

1. Aren’t the holes in her jeans too big?

2. Some doors should remain closed.

3. Just a regular house out of town...

4. Sometimes jeans on someone else look way better than on you.

5. “I need this robot now!”

6. Not suspicious at all...

7. Meeting an angel

8. “Can you see me?”

9. What do you know about fashion?

10. This is what happens when the triple foam breaks at the car wash.

11. Just a bike suit on a bike

12. No rules

13. “The Pope made an unexpected visit to our shop today.”

14. These dudes dressed up like Jay and Silent Bob and hung out in front of a convenience store all night.

15. Okay, then!

Tell us about the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit modavmetro / twitter, armblog
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