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15 Photos That Prove Time Affects Everything in Its Way, but Some Things Never Change

Time seems to fly by, especially as we get older. If you feel this way, you’re not alone: scientists say it’s connected to the way our brain processes information. In this situation, it’s great to look back at old photos of friends and family and realize that there are still things that remain unchanged for decades.

We at Bright Side found some fine examples that prove true love is what withstands the test of time.

1. “I always thought this would be a cute photo to recreate!”

2. “Kindergarten through marriage...”

3. “My cousins and I recreated an old photo of ourselves from roughly 10 years ago!”

4. “Tried to recreate my dog’s first day with us!”

5. “23 years later”

6. “So we recreated our favorite picture from 8 years and some change ago.”

7. “Friends recreated their costumes 20 years later.”

8. “14 years later”

9. “I was quite the picky eater back in the day.”

10. “My wife and me; 2007 and 2021”

11. “Each time we play a hometown gig, we take a backstage photo.”

12. “A then and now pic update to ’I met my now-husband in daycare in 1996!’”

13. “The fifteenth anniversary of bringing our first puppy, Frankie, home”

14. “I am a big brother. Here is the first day I met my little brother and the day he served as my best man, 6 years later.”

15. “Got married on our fifteenth dating anniversary, tried to recreate a picture from junior prom.”

What is your most precious memory captured in a photo?

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Preview photo credit michellelmybell / Reddit
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