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15+ Photos That Were Taken at Just the Right Moment

If you want to take a good photo of any object smaller than a car (like a person or an animal), stand about 3 feet away from that object and zoom in. This way, you’ll be able to show vivid details, such as a scattering of freckles or an eloquent curve of the eyebrows. We don’t know whether the creators behind the following pictures were familiar with such tricks, but the fact is, they truly managed to create small masterpieces.

Bright Side dug into the limitless array of users’ photos to choose pictures that won’t allow anybody to stay indifferent. Prepare to get a 5-minute helping of some good mood feels.

“My greyhound was snoozing under a blanket and then decided to come to the kitchen and look out the window. A magnificent beast!”

“The sun’s reflection on my drinking glass created Bart Simpson’s skull.”

“Playing around with the wide lens camera on my phone, I took this photo of my cat.”

“I got scared for a moment...and then I realized it was the lamp in my kitchen.”

“I took a picture of my cat when he sneezed. I don’t regret it.”

“We just had a tornado in our area and my neighbor sent me this picture of her backyard after the weather had passed. I thought it was too beautiful not to share.”

“I was relaxing at the pool when I looked down and saw that the table made me a saucy woman.”

“Took this picture of my cat yesterday.”

“This is the best picture I’ve ever taken of her. She never makes a normal face for the camera.”

“It looks like I’m driving directly into Windows XP.”

“Today, we found out that our puppy’s sister lives just down the street from us.”

“My mom came to visit me in Alaska and we got photobombed!”

“She flew to the window and then began to exchange glances with my cat.”

“This is what the top glass panel of my Tesla looks like when it rains.”

“I biked across America this summer. This is my favorite photo of the trip.”

“I got such a good photo of my goose.”

“We finally got a picture that matches her personality.”

Show your good and bad photos of pets or landscapes that you’re crazy about. We’ll be glad to see all the pictures either way!

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