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15 Pics That Captured Things That Are Usually Hidden From Us

The complexity of the world is bigger than what we might imagine. Sometimes, some amazing phenomena can happen right before our eyes, but we fail to notice due to everything else that is happening. Even so, there are some cases where we do notice these hidden things, and then our perception of reality suddenly becomes a little wider.

1. “Captured a picture of me shocking my gf with static electricity”

2. “This pair of shoes I found encased in 100-year-old concrete that’s been eroded over time by a waterfall.”

3. “My work received a Haribo Gummy Bears bag that had congealed into a mass.”

4. “An Amazon warehouse barcode scanner was accidentally dropped inside the package I just received.”

5. “These misprinted Altoids price reductions at Walgreens.”

6. “Golf balls collected over a few months walking in the woods by a golf course.”

7. “A photo I took of some lightning.”

8. “This dog toy’s squeaker is its heart.”

9. “The lettering on my soap scattered from being in the shower.”

10. “Jupiter is as close to earth as it’s been in 59 years. I photographed it rising over a barn tonight.”

11. “Blue Jays have stunning plumage.”

12. “This toilet paper roll has 2 cardboard tubes in it.”

13. “My country puts phosphor into sidewalks so you can see at night.”

14. “A chip from a machine in my girlfriend’s lab.”

15. “Cell tower in my area disguised as a tree”

Have you ever spotted something that just made you say “Wow!”? What was it? We would love to know in the comments.

Preview photo credit MistrZap / Reddit
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