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15 Pics That Feel Like a Warm Hug

A child in wonder of seeing Christmas lights for the very first time or the transformation of a stray dog into a loved puppy. Some things easily play on our heartstrings, especially when we can stop and contemplate them in a photo.

Bright Side has a special delivery for you of truly heartwarming photos.

1. “The turkey I saved from thanksgiving. His name is Fred.”

2. “My son seeing Christmas lights for the first time.”

3. “We really take post-op care seriously at my job. And cuddles are the best medicine.”

4. “They never move when she falls asleep like this. They wait patiently until she wakes up.”

5. “I got my pup a matching chair so he would stop stealing mine. Needless to say, he’s very pleased.”

6. “How it started vs How it’s going — I was born 3 months premature at 1 lb 11 ounces and I wasn’t expected to live.”

7. “This summer I found this broken sign on a handicapped toilet and I got super excited because it matched my disability.”

8. “First ride home and every car ride ever since.”

9. “Siouxsie before adoption 4 months ago and now on the couch in her favorite sleeping position.”

10. “They entered our family 4 days apart and have been inseparable ever since.”

11. “I work at a dog rescue. Today was the first day that this beautiful Collie approached me and let me pet him.”

12. “My 5-year-old son and his ducks”

13. “This great human feeding the stray cat at my apartment complex and giving him an umbrella since it’s raining”

14. “So glad I got this baby. She’s made 2020 bearable.”

15. “Zorba making sure Marty doesn’t get cold.”

What photo never fails to make you feel better? We challenge you to fill our comment section with the sweetest photos you’ve ever seen or taken.

Preview photo credit GeneticCoder23 / Reddit
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