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15 Powerful Photos That Make You Want to Take a Deep Breath and Recover Your Senses

Sometimes an ordinary photo can throw you off-balance and make you take a look at things from a different angle. Since we treat things around us as regular occurrences and often consider our work boring and the weather bad, there are other people in the world who think asphalt is a miracle and each day of their lives is a gift.

Bright Side couldn’t even catch their breath while looking through these pictures on the Internet. The stories behind these photos are definitely worth reading.

15. Children from an Indonesian village took off their shoes as not to stain the asphalt that they were seeing for the first time in their lives.

14. Alex’s mom took him to a heavy metal concert in Spain to let him hang out with other fans. And he became a star himself!

13. These Auschwitz survivors met after 72 years and showed the tattoos they received when in the concentration camp.

12. A paramedic, Chris Trokey, rescued a man from a burning car that got into an accident. It turned out that the driver was the same doctor who had saved Chris when he was a premature baby on the brink of death.

11. A pregnant dog was shot 17 times. Maggie was rescued by volunteers and now she has a loving owner. She also works as a therapy dog.

10. A girl asked a photographer to combine 2 photos — one of her and another of her husband who was thousands of miles away serving the country and couldn’t come to see her.

9. This 8-year-old boy from Taiwan conquered a 2500-mile-high mountain in honor of his mother who had passed away. He’s sure this will make him closer to his mom.

8. This homeless cat was hit by a car and lost its 2 legs. A Bulgarian surgeon conducted surgery on the cat and gave him the opportunity to walk again.

7. During their wedding, Max and Lidia set a flock of butterflies free in honor of the groom’s sister Vanessa who had passed away. But the butterflies didn’t want to fly away. They landed on the guests’ shoulders and stayed there till the end of the ceremony.

6. “Yesterday was my mom’s last round of chemo!”

5. A World War I memorial in Hungary

4. “My dog died 7 years ago but every time I open Google maps, she’s still there, right on the roof. I miss you...”

3. Manila’s port beach area

2. In Florida, 633 divers set a world record: they pulled 1,625 lb of garbage and 65 lb of fishing line out of the water!

1. This group of future service dogs-in-training sat still for an entire concert to test their patience and calmness.

Do you have a story that touches your heart? Tell us down below!

Preview photo credit Mas Rufi / Twitter
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